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How to add widget to your Facebook fan page

1.You can add functionality to Facebook fan page (only to fan page, it can't be connected to your personal page) in Settings//Bookings on Webpage or Facebook//Facebook booking widget//Save settings and connect facebook page// choose the page to attach Simplybook to.

Facebook widget path.png

2. After you connected to Facebook fan page, it is listed in the left-side menu of the page under the photo of your company.

Simplybook tab on facebook.png

You can press Settings//Edit page and make more visible for clients by dragging and dropping to it higher in the list.

Facebook reorder.png

3. You may need to change the title " appointments" to something else. For this, on your Facebook fan page go to Settings (upper bar)//Edit page// appointments//Settings//Edit settings//Custom tab name.

Facebook rename tab 2.png

Rename tab.png

How to remove Facebook widget from my Facebook page?

On your Facebook fan page go to Settings (upper bar)//Edit page// appointments//Settings//press "Off" near Simplybook app to remove this tab and save settings.

Remove tab Facebook.png

Facebook widget is not visible from mobiles

Unfortunately, Facebook does not show third-party apps from mobiles. Your clients need to access desktop version to book from Facebook.

I cannot change the email when book from Facebook

When you use Facebook widget, the system perceives a customer as Facebook user and uses his/her data to fill in the details. Thus, by default it uses email under which Facebook is registered. Unfortunately, it is not in our competency to change this, you can try contacting Facebook support to clarify this issue.

How to add to your Facebook fan page as call-to-action button

1. Go to your Page’s cover photo and click + Add a Button.

Add button.png

2. Choose your call-to-action, and enter the URL for your booking site.

Create button 2.png

Add link2.png

3. Click "Add button" and you will get the button "Book Now" as a result so that your clients will be able to click on it, go to booking page and book your services.
Result button.png

How to use Facebook Chat bot

Please note! Facebook bot provides only basic functionality, so for example payments, client login, memberships, approve bookings, etc are not working there.
Contact support for more details.

1. Enable "Facebook Bot" Custom feature on your Custom Features page
Facebook bot enable v3.png

2. Choose "Settings" near it to see basic instructions.
Facebook bot settings path.png

3. Log into the Facebook Developer Console.
Login to facebook developer.png

4. Click on My Apps in the upper right-hand corner and choose to "Add a New App"
Create app in facebook.png

5. Enter a name and contact email address and click on "Create App ID".
App id.png

6. On the next page, click the "Set Up" button for the Messenger option.
Select messenger.png

7. Under the Token Generation section, choose one of your Facebook pages.
Token settings new.png

8. This will generate a Page Access Token. Enter it in Facebook bot settings.
Facebook bot setup.png

9. Click the Setup Webhooks button under the Webhooks section and enter Callback URL and Verify token.

10. Check the messages and messaging_postbacks options under Subscription Fields.
Screenshot from 2018-02-01 17-21-16.png

11. Click the Verify and Save button.
12. Scroll to “App Review for Messenger” block, select the first option “pages_messaging” and add the details requested there.
Review settings.png

13. After you save settings please go to Settings//Basic, add icon for your app and privacy policy link.
Basic settings.png

14. And you are done! In 5 business days Facebook will approve your application and your clients will be able to book using the chat bot.

Here you can see how approved requestt will look like

Bot approved.png