Campaign custom feature


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The "Campaign" custom feature is an advanced tool designed for implementing mass marketing strategies and customer engagement across diverse communication channels. It enables companies to create and optimize advertising campaigns, delivering messages in a customer-friendly manner. During campaign creation, users can choose from various message types, such as SMS, emails, and push notifications. You can manually select clients, choose all clients at once, or send campaign messages to clients under specific tags using the Tags feature. This flexibility allows you to tailor communication strategies to the specific needs and preferences of your target audience.

With this feature, you can:

  • Send exclusive offers via Email to selected clients;
  • Share promotions with clients through SMS;
  • Keep clients informed about crucial updates via Push notifications;
  • Utilize the Tags feature for more targeted communication.

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Please note

  • This feature is exclusively available with paid subscriptions only.
  • The Client login custom feature will be automatically enabled as well.
  • You need to have SMS credits in order to be able to send SMS notifications.
  • Clients need to be subscribed to receive promotional messages to be able to receive campaign messages
  • Your clients need to allow push notifications in their browser and be subscribed to receiving them on the booking page to be able to receive Campaign push notifications
  • Clients can subscribe to push notifications after the booking has been made
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How to Set Up and Use:

1. Navigate to the Custom Features page -> "Marketing" section and click on the "Enable" button next to Campaigns.

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2. Once enabled, go to Manage // Campaigns to create your first campaign by clicking on the + icon. Create a new campaign template based on your needs.

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Setting up a Campaign:

1. Click on "Create new campaign", fill in the Campaign name, select the delivery method, and fill in the template for the chosen delivery method.
You can choose SMS, Email and/or Push notification type.

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If you want to check SMS delivery status, you can add the following variable to the SMS body: [track_url] If the client opens the link such SMS will be reflected as "Opened" in the campaign statistics.
Statuses for emails and push notifications are tracked automatically.

Tracking variable campaigns.png

2. After clicking the “Save & Close” button, this campaign appears on the left in the list with the status “New”.

Selecting Recipients and Launching Your Campaign:

1. After all preparation is done, click on the " Save & send campaign" button to select the list of clients and send your campaign.

2. You can manually select clients one by one, use filters, choose all clients at once, or send the campaign message to clients under specific tags if you're using the Tags feature.

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Post-launch Insights:

After the campaign is launched, you can not edit it anymore (only name can be changed and/or the content of push message page(the one the client sees after clicking on push notification).
If you need to send the similar campaign to your clients please use the “clone” option.
You can view Campaign statistics on the bottom right of the campaign details. It displays the numbers of sent/not sent SMS, email, and push notifications, as well as how many of them were opened by your clients.

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Campaign Statuses:

There are different statuses you can receive after launching your campaign:

New - Campaign created, recipients specified, but campaign not launched
Completed - Campaign launched and ready for viewing statistics
In progress - Campaign is in process. Please await, it should be sent shortly
On review - Campaign launched and is currently on review by a system spam check
Declined - Campaign launched but had been declined after system spam check