Coupons and Gift Cards custom feature


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Create and sell gift cards, and send coupons to your clients with the Coupons & Gift Cards custom feature! You can make % and fixed amount discounts and sell gift certificates. Use this amazing feature to promote your business. Customize your promotions with defined dates, messages and codes.

Please check our video tutorial on how to use this feature here.

Please note!

Please note! If you are using this feature with Multiple Bookings, Group Bookings or recurring services the discount will be applied to the whole purchase(all the sessions selected).

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature in Business Enhancements section of your Custom Features page.
Coupons and gift cards enable path.png

2. Navigate to "Settings" near this feature or go to Manage//Coupons and Gift Cards.
Coupons and gift cards settings path.png

3. Click on "+" icon to create a promotion or a gift card.
Create gift card or promo.png

4. Fill in main details in the menu that appears on the right side.
Promotion details.png

5. Add details that your clients will see.
Promotion details for clients.png

6. Set the period when promotion or gift card will be valid.
Promotion period.png

7. As well you can connect your promotion/gift card to specific service(s), membership(s), product(s) for sale and/or service add-on(s).
Promotions connected items.png

8. Save your settings. And one more step - you can now issue the gift card and/or send promotion messages to your customers.
Just use the corresponding button in the left-side menu.
Issue gift card.png

9. You can also set templates for clients to receive email and/or SMS notifications when they purchase a gift-card on the booking site.
To do that please navigate to Custom features//Coupons and Gift Cards//Settings//Notifications.
Coupons and gift cards notification templates path.png

Coupons and gift cards notification templates.png