Google Translate custom feature


Google translate.png

Need to show your booking website in several languages for your clients' convenience? Now we have Google Translate custom feature that makes is possible. It allows you to add Google Translate’s automatic translation to your booking website and each client will be able to choose the language convenient for them.

How to use
1. To enable this option navigate to Custom Features//Adding more to the Booking Website.
Google translate enable path new cf.png

2. To access available options for this functionality click on "Settings" button.
Google translate settings path new cf.png

3. Check the boxes with languages you wish your clients to be able to choose on the booking website.
Google translate options settings.png

4. Select the view mode to your taste.
Select view mode for google translate.png

5. Save settings. Everything is ready to use! Here is how it can look like on your booking page using one of the themes.
Google translate client side.png

One more translation possibility using third-party service here