Importing the list of clients


How to import clients

Free custom feature!

Attention! It is forbidden to import a client list with emails and client information where the clients have not specifically granted you the right to do so.

Please note that this feature is available with Standard and Premium subscriptions only(former Advanced, Gold and Platinum).
It is only possible to import 500 clients by default. If you need to import more please contact support for details.

How to use this option:

1. Enable "Import Clients" custom feature on your Custom features page:
Import clients enable path new cf.png

2. Prepare your Excel file.
- No text above the list of clients should be written
- Make sure all cells are correctly displayed
- Save file in .csv format with comma separation.

3. Go to Manage//Clients//Import from CSV or simply click on "Settings" near this custom feature.
Import clients file upload path.png

4. Press "Choose file" and select the prepared file.
Import clients file upload step1.png

5. Assign values to the columns from drop-down lists in the upper bar (above each column, marked with black arrows). Assign "name", "email" and "phone".
Import clients assigning column headers.png

6. Press "Confirm clients import".
Please note that only 10 clients will be shown in preview, but after you import, all clients will be shown.

If you can't import clients, please check the possible reasons
1. Format of .csv file is incorrect. It should be saved in .csv with comma or tab separation.
2. There is some text above the data or unnecessary columns that prevent successful import. Please delete the text.
3. Values are not assigned. Use drop-down menus above the columns to assign values "name", "email", "phone", etc.