Intake Forms custom feature


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Intake Forms Custom Feature allows you to request more information from your clients on the booking page. You can ask several questions and they can be answered in many types of fields, such as text lines, drop-downs, text boxes etc.

How to use
1. Enable Intake Forms Custom Feature in the Custom Feature//Adding more to the booking page.
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2. Go to its settings or to Manage//Intake forms page.
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3. Press "+" button in the settings of Custom Feature to create a new form.
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4. In the field "Question title" write the question you want your clients to answer. For example: Age, preferences, Do you have any health problems?, etc.
5. Choose the field type:
digits only - allows entering only numbers. Useful when you need to know the age, height or any other information that will require only digits.
single line - usually used for short answers
multiple lines - use this type of filed if you expect lengthy explanations from your clients
checkbox - creates a checkbox that clients should either check or leave unchecked. Useful for questions that require binary answer, for example "I will need additional services".
dropdown selection - creates a drop-down list with the ability to choose only 1 option. In order to create this field, you will need to create a list of values in the section "Dropdown options and default option". Also you can select the Default value that will be assigned if nothing is chosen from the list.
date - creates date selection option with calendar
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6. Make it rather obligatory or not with the help of "optional" switcher.
7. If you wish to relate form with certain services, choose "Services, attached to this field" tab and check the boxes near corresponding services.
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8. If you want to include intake form information to email templates, find the intake forms variables and add them to templates in Configuration//General Settings//Email and SMS settings//Templates.
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