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Let clients earn points for services/classes booking and allow them to redeem for gift cards. You can set different amount of points per each service/class and 3-4 hours after the meeting takes place the bonuses will be automatically added to the client's balance. As soon as the client gathers the necessary amount of points he/she will be able to exchange them for a gift card, which can be later used for another purchases on your booking website or as a present to someone.

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Please note!

How to use

1. To enable Loyalty System please navigate to your Custom Features page, select Business enhancements section and click on Enable or use the switcher near the respective feature.

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2. After it is enabled you can edit the related notifications templates right away, on the right side of the page. Please use the suggested variables if needed. Two notifications types are available: for automated points addition and manual client balance update.

Loyalty system notifications path.png

3. To set the points amounts please go to Manage -> Services (or use Services link near the custom feature) or Manage -> Classes (if you are using them and wish to be a part of the loyalty program).

4. Create new service/class if necessary or click on the existing one to edit, select Loyalty System tab.

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5. Enable the switcher to connect the service/class to the loyalty system and indicate the amount of points the client will earn per this service/class booking in the box that appears. Save settings.

Loyalty system service management set points.png

6. Then please go to Manage -> Coupons & Gift Cards page using the left-side menu, create a new gift card or click on the existing one to edit and choose Loyalty System tab.

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7. Enable the switcher to allow the clients to buy this gift card for bonuses. Set the necessary amount to be earned in the box that appears. Save settings.

Loyalty system gift cards management set points.png

8. From the client side they can see the amount of the points earned as well as the bonuses usage history inside the client profile or go to the specific tab of the booking website.

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9. As soon as the client has enough points the button Select by points becomes active on the Gift cards page on the booking website and such gift card can be purchased in exchange of these points.
As the result the client will get the gift card to his/her email or can copy its code in Gift cards tab -> Your gift cards and use as usual gift card for another purchases or make someone a present.

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10. From the admin side you can also view all the points earning and spending in Reports -> Loyalty points report. Please use the filter if necessary to see some selected results, export the data to Excel or .csv.

Loyalty system report path.png

Loyalty system report overview.png

11. With the help of this report you can also manually manage the points amounts per client.
Please click on the Add points button at the top, use the search box in the popup that appears to find the desired client, indicate the amountto be added or deducted in the Reward points amount box (to deduct please simply add "-" before the amount), add some description (it will also be reflected on the client side) and hit Add. The client will receive the notification about the balance update.

Loyalty system report add bonuses search.png

As well you can use the option Add more bonus to client in Actions per the specific report line for faster balance update as the client will be already preselected in this case,

Loyalty system report line actions.png

12. In case you need to view the point history per the particular client please use Reports -> Clients and click on the highlighted bonuses amount in the table to get to the bonuses history popup.

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