Online Video Meetings Custom Feature


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Use this feature to easily create meeting links for your clients and meet them online using video or phone

We also recommend enabling Client Login feature for the smooth client experience in joining the meetings as there may be errors if they try to join within a separate browser session.

Please note! This feature is not compatible with Kiosk custom feature.

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How to set

1. Enable Online meetings custom feature in your account.
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2. Login to Microsoft Azure portal and your Microsoft Teams account with the user that is a member of your organization in MS Azure.
(Or create the accounts there)
Please note! It is not possible to connect personal/private Microsoft Teams account to the system, it should be related to an organization via Microsoft Azure.

3. Add Microsoft Teams in MS Azure -> Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise applications.
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And add your user(or the desired one that you need to connect to in Enterprise applications -> Microsoft Teams -> Users and Groups on MS Azure side.
Ms azure teams users.png

4. On side please click on Meeting services block and choose Authorization near Microsoft Teams”.
Connect your Microsoft account.
Ms teams authorization.png

5. For the services/classes you wish to conduct online meetings switch the option Enable as online meeting service/class on in Manage -> Services -> click on service name -> More options
(in Manage -> Classes -> click on class name -> More options if you are using Classes feature)
Ms teams more options1.png
Ms teams more options2.png

6. When the clients book such a service/class there will be online meeting link on My bookings page for the associated booking. When the appointment time comes the clients will be able to follow it to access the meeting.
For admin side it will be possible to follow the link from booking info popup form in Calendar or in Reports -> Booking details.
Ms teams client side link.png
Ms teams admin side link.png

7. (optonal) You can add online meetings link to provider and client notification templates so that both sides receive them with the booking details.
To do that please navigate to Settings -> Email and sms settings (or Custom features -> Flexible notifications -> Manage if you have customized notifications per service and/or provider).
Ms teams add variables.png

Additional steps for case when you need to allow your Providers to have own MS Teams account connection

8. By default your MS Teams account that you have connected in Step#6 will be used to generate meetings links and conduct meetings, but if you have several employees in your company, they are added to side as providers and users and you wish them to use own MS Teams accounts for their online services/classes please make sure that you have them added as users in MS Azure with access to this application as well as members on MS Teams side.
(you can add users in MS Azure interface with internal domain or invite using existing email addresses)
Ms azure teams users.png

9. Then they need to log in to system under their credentials and connect their accounts in Manage -> Online video meetings.
Meeting tool per provider path new navigation.png

10. Once they have connected own accounts you will be able to see this information in Custom features -> Online meetings -> Meeting providers&Meeting services.
Please note! It is only possible to manually start a meetings for the users that have admin, senior employee or junior employee(connected to specific provider) rights.
Ms teams manually start.png

How the meeting process works

1. After everything is set up and the client books the online meetings related service/class both the client and the provider (or company, depending on your settings) will get the links to the meeting.
Either from email notifications if you have added the corresponding variables to the templates.
Meeting link in emails.png

Or the provider can get to the meeting page right from the booking on Calendar while the client from "My bookings" tab of the booking site.
Link from booking.png

Meeting link on my bookings page.png

2. By default the meeting starts automatically for the both sides when the booked time comes.
Client waiting for meeting.png

3. As well the provider can manually start the meeting if necessary using the corresponding button.
Provider waiting for meeting.png

4. After this the redirect to Microsoft Teams sofware takes place and all the participants can join.
(It is not mandatory for the customers to have MS Teams account. To join they will only need to fill in their name after opening the meeting url in their browser)
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