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=Rewards and Referrals=
[[File:Promotions new icon.png ‎ ‎|left]]
Send promotions to your clients with Rewards and Referrals custom feature! Reward your clients for telling others about your company promotions. You can get the advantage of both rewards and discounts. Use this to get more clients all year long and especially during low season as well as promote your business. Customize your promotions with defined dates, messages and codes.
:'''Please note''' that
*this feature is available with Standard and Premium subscriptions only(former Advanced, Gold and Platinum);
*this feature is not compatible with Coupons and Gift Cards feature yet.
;How to use.
:1. Enable Rewards and Referrals Custom Feature.
[[File:Simply smart promotions enable path.png | center]]
:2. In left-side menu go to Manage//Promotions and create new promotion
[[File:Create new promotion path.png | center]]
:3. On the first step indicate:
*your discount in %;
*is this promotion related to specific service or all services;
*who can claim the deal (all clients or new clients only);
*how many times the code can be used;
*how many times each client can use this promotion;
*edit texts of your deal if necessary;
*proceed to the next step.
[[File:Create new promotion - step 1.png | center]]
:4. On the second step decide whether you will offer a reward for sharing your promotion. This step is very important because it can help you to easily get more clients.
*write what reward you offer;
*indicate the number of times client should share promotion to receive the reward;
*how many times 1 client can claim the reward;
*insert reward picture;
*check "send email" if you want clients to receive an email about being rewarded and adjust the email text if necessary;
*adjust the texts of reward;
*proceed to the next step.
[[File:Create new promotion - step 2.png | center]]
:5. On the third step enter the details of your campaign
*change the promotion code if needed;
*add campaign image;
*add dates that clients can book using this promotion;
*add period when they can redeem the code;
*set time limitation if needed;
*proceed to the next step.
[[File:Create new promotion - step 3.png | center]]
:6. On the fourth step announce your promotion
*get the link of the deal to share with your clients;
*choose how to notify your clients, by email or sms (please change the text of email or sms (1 sms 70 symbols in unicode, 140 plain English text without special characters));
*configure whom you will send the deal, to clients who booked/did not book, use filters by service, provider, dates;
*select clients and send the promotion (or save it without sending).
[[File:Create new promotion - step 4.png | center]]
=Service Add-ons=
[[File:Paid attributes.png | left]]<br>