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=Employee Step=
Enable "[[Custom_Features#Any_Employee_Selector| Any Employee Selector]]" in the Custom Features section and in the settings of Custom Feature check the box "Hide other service providers from booking interface"<br/>
[[File:Any Hide employee settings v3step.png | center]]
In Settings // Company Information // Basic Information // Don't use address checkbox.<br/>
[[File:RemoveAddressHide map from the booking site.png | center ]]
="Change your time zone" link and time zone pop-upoption=
In Settings // General Settings // Configuration set "Show booking page in client timezone" and "Send notifications in client timezone" to NO and save settings.
 [[File:Remove time zone popuptimezone selection.png | center]]
You can view all your reviews in the Review tab in left-side menu and delete reviews. If you wish to remove the option to leave a review and do not send feedback request in
Settings // General Settings // Email and SMS settings // Settings for email and SMS notifications // set Number of days until feedback request is sent to client to Disable.<br/>[[File:Feedback turn offDisable feedback v3.png | center ]]
In Custom Features section disable [[Custom_Features#Photo_Gallery| Photo Gallery]].
 [[File:Gallery Photo gallery disablepath.png | center]]
=Working hours=
If you want to remove this section for new themes please go to Settings//Design//Themes and colors//Additional theme settings//Main page mode and choose mode without working hours
[[File:Remove working hours.png| center]]<br><br>or for old themes in Settings // Configurations // Hide working hours block choose 'Yes' in drop-down menu.<br/>[[File:Hide working hoursMain page mode v3.png | center ]]
=Disable booking page=
In order not to show any info on your booking page (make it blank), you can put blank theme on your booking page in Settings//Design//Themes and Colors.
:'''For new themes:'''Please select to show all themes and choose the last theme one without image and , add the link to the page your clients should be redirected to in case they open your booking page and save settings.[[File:New blank themeDisable booking site step1.png | center]]<br><br>:'''For old themes:'''Please select "Blank" theme from "Select theme layout" drop-down and save settings.[[File:Blank theme2.png| center]] <br><br>If you wish blank page to have a link to your website(old themes), please insert the link in Settings//Company info//Basic info//Website[[File:Website linkDisable booking site step2.png| center]]
 ''Please note!'' Even with blank theme your booking page will appear in Google and information will be shown in mobile client application and in directory. To remove your company from directory and mobile app, please check the box "don't show in catalog" in Settings//Company infoinformation//Directory listing.[[File:RemovefromdirectoryExclude from directory.png| center]]
=Removing with Custom CSS=