Remove Elements from booking page

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[[File:Hide map from the booking site.png | center ]]
=Company email address=In Settings // Company Information // Basic Information // Don't show email on booking page checkbox.<br/>[[File:Hide email from the booking site.png | center]]<br><br>="Change your my time zone" option=
In Settings // General Settings // Configuration set "Show booking page in client timezone" and "Send notifications in client timezone" to NO and save settings.
[[File:Remove timezone selection.png | center]]
[[File:Disable booking site step2.png | center]]
'''Please note!''' Even with blank theme your booking page will appear in Google and information will be shown in directory. To remove your company from directory and mobile app, please check the box "don't show in catalog" in Settings//Company information//Directory listing.
[[File:Exclude from directory.png| center]]
==Remove some specific element==
If you need to remove a specific element from your booking page, you will need to use Custom CSS Custom Feature and corresponding code. If you don't know CSS, please contact support and they will create a request to check whether such change is possible.<br>
'''Please note''', that big requests may be done on paid basis.