What Custom Features do not work with each other

From simplybook
Approve Bookings and Accept payments
paid reservations are approved automatically. If you want to approve reservations for some services - set Service price to 0 in Manage//Services//Service details(new interface) or Manage//Services//Pen icon(old interface).
Status and Provider's Color Coding Custom feature
if you have both Status and Provider's Color Coding Custom Features enabled, then once booking is made it is displayed in Calendar section with provider's color (as it has default status). After status for appointment is changed from default - Calendar//Click on appointment//Edit - new status color is displayed.
Group Bookings and recurring services (packs)
number of participants drop-down isn't displayed for recurring services.
Group Bookings and Multiple Bookings
Add more bookings button isn't displayed if several participants are chosen on Service step.
Multiple Bookings and recurring services (packs)
Add more bookings button isn't displayed for recurring services.
Approve Bookings and Multiple Bookings
with approve bookings all appointments from multiple bookings pack are approved if one session is approved. The way around is to edit reservations you want to reschedule and cancel reservations you want to decline first, and then approve the pack.
Classes timeline and Multiple Bookings
currently the button "Book and add more" is not displayed if you are using Classes timeline. If you need this option you can change timeline to different one in Settings//Design//Logo, background and timeline//Timeline settings.