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Adjusting notifications

Video tutorial available here


How to enable/disable notifications and adjust your templates

Go to Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings and check/uncheck the corresponding boxes to send/not send notifications. You can change the texts of notifications to better suit your needs by clicking "edit template", making changes and saving system settings.

How to disable Feedbacks

You can view all your reviews in the Reports//Reviews tab in left-side menu, delete or reply to them. If you wish to remove the option to leave a review and do not send feedback request in Settings // Email and SMS settings // Settings for e-mail and SMS notifications // set "Number of days until feedback request is sent to client" to Disable.

What are variables

Variables are elements that can be inserted in email and sms templates (Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings). These variables will denote the chosen item after the booking is made. For example you have 2 providers: Mary and John. In email template you insert text "You have booked a service with [provider]". If the client chose on the booking page provider Mary, they would receive the following text "You have booked a service with Mary", if they chose John, they would receive the text "You have booked a service with John."

iCals and how to use them

In Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings you can check the box "Attach iCal to e-mails" and then emails will contain file of .isc format. After clicking that file, it will open in one of your calendars (Google calendar, iCalendar,etc)

Please note, that iCal files do not have set timezone so the time in that file will be displayed according to the IP address/device settings.

Clients/Providers do not receive notifications

Possible reasons
1. Corresponding boxes in Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings are not checked.
2. Client/provider entered wrong email or phone.
3. Email went to junk (Spam) folder or to Social tab. Please check Whitelisting instructions here.
4. SMTP custom feature is not set correctly.
5. If sms are not coming, check your sms balance in Plans&Prices//Subscriptions at the bottom of the page.

Clients/Providers receive wrong notifications

1. Please check if you have Multiple Bookings or Group Bookings Custom Feature enabled. These Custom Features have their own templates.
Multiple bookings template (Custom Features//Multiple bookings//Settings)

Group bookings template (Custom Features//Group bookings//Settings)

2. Check if you have Time Zone settings on in Settings//General settings//Configuration, in this case client may have selected wrong time zone and received notification in wrong time zone too.

Email whitelisting instructions

So here are a few things that you can do to make sure you get those all important emails from the team here at

You can expect system notifications such as when your subscription is up for renewal, notices about bookings, and helpful information on various things such as how to get the most out of your service.

As great as technology is, it isn’t perfect, and sometimes email systems and internet service providers mistake legitimate email for spam. To ensure that you don’t miss important communication from us, please take the following steps:

Please whitelist any emails that come from the domain.

Why? Because that tells your email service or program that you actually want emails from this domain, so that they can then make sure you get them.

How? Well, this differs between email services and programs but below you can see information about some of the main ones. If you aren’t using one of these, please refer to the help section for yourservice for information.

Using Gmail or Gsuite

Filter messages from and tell the system to never send it to spam:

1. Go to Settings (click the gear icon at the top to the right)

2. Select the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ tab

3. Towards the bottom of the tab, click the ‘Create a new filter’ link

4. In the ‘From’ field write
5. Click ‘Create filter with this search’ to the bottom right of the window

6. Tick the box next to ‘Never send it to Spam
7. Click the blue button that says ‘Create filter

Great! Now you won’t miss anything from us!

And to ensure that our emails don’t get lost in that Updates or Promotions tab:

1. Find an email from in your inbox
2. Click and drag it to the Primary tab in your inbox

3. You’ll be asked whether you want to do this for future emails, so tell them “yes”

Using Yahoo! mail

1. When you open an email message, hover your mouse on the Sender's name.
2. Click the the three dots in the Sender's info window that appears and click “Add to contacts”.

3. When "Add Contact" form comes up, click "Save".

Using Mac Mail

1. From the top menu select Mail > Preferences

2. Then select the “Rules” icon, click “Add Rule” and type a name for the rule in the description field. Use the following settings:

3. “If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains”. In the text field besides “Contains” type

4. Select “Move Message” and “Inbox” from the drop down menus and then click OK to save the rule.

Using Outlook

1. Right-click on the message in your inbox.
2. Select “Junk E-mail” from the menu.
3. Click “Never Block Sender” or "Never Block Sender's Domain (".

Great, you’re all set! We look forward to being in touch and seeing your business blossom!