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Calendar Notes


It may be necessary to add some important information to the Calendar page that will be shown along with bookings or you have added a breaktime and need to remember the reason.
That is why we have launched a new option Calendar Notes that makes this possible and now you can keep all the necessary things at hand.

How to use
1. By default there is one note type added for you in the system, but you can go to Manage -> Calendar Notes Types to add new note types and set the desirable colors for them.
Create notes types.png

2. When all types are ready for use navigate to Calendar page using the left-side menu.

3. Switch to Add note mode in the top right corner.
Switch to notes mode.png

4. Click on the free space in the Calendar table where you would like to insert the information to get note popup form.

5. Add the details to the textbox and select the assignee: you can add a note per specific provider, service or everyone.
Note creation note for.png

6. To edit or delete the previously added note click on it to get the popup and use the needed function there.
Edit or delete note.png

Notes overview options
If you have added a note per provider it will be shown in Service Provider, Timeline, Day, Week and Month views.
Provider note preview.png

If you have added a note per service you will be able to see it in Service, Day, Week and Month views.
Service note preview.png

The notes for Everyone are displayed in all calendar views.
Everyone note preview.png

As well you can access the list of all the notes added, use filters and export notes to excel in Calendar notes report that can be accessed either directly from Calendar page or from Reports section in left-side menu.
Notes report path.png

Notes report look.png