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Cancellation Policy custom feature


Cancelation policy new icon.png

You can restrict time when clients can cancel appointments with the help of Cancellation Policy Custom Feature. Simply set the number of hours before appointment when cancellation is possible or prohibit cancellations at all. If client tries to cancel an appointment beyond the limit, he/she will see a warning notice that the booking cannot be cancelled.

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable Cancellation policy fature on your Custom Features page.
Cancellation policy enable path free.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this option.
Cancellation policy settings path free.png

3. Add your text to the corresponding field and select the period when bookings can be canceled
(you can use HTML tags there to format the text to your needs).

4. You can also ask your clients about the cancellation reason and make this option obligatory or not.
Cancellation policy settings v3 new options.png