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Custom CSS custom feature


Custom css new icon.png

Make your own booking interface with this CSS Custom Feature. It allows to change the styles of different elements, hide them, change fonts, colors, font-sizes, etc. If you know CSS coding, please use tools of browser to find identifiers of elements and write rules in the settings of Custom Feature, if you have no deep knowledge of CSS, please contact support and they will try to find the best solution for you.

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable this option on your Custom Features page.
Custom css enable path free.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this feature.
Custom css settings path free.png

3. Add the code(s) to adjust the styles to "Booking pages CSS" tab if you wish to edit the booking page
or "Widget CSS" if you are editing widget on your website.
Custom css settings v3.png

See most common requests how to remove elements with CSS here (phone, email fields, social tabs, our time, etc)