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Custom Domain custom feature



This option allows to set your own sitelink (URL) for your booking page with connection done through secure layer. If you own your own domain name, you can now simply use the booking site with this name or a sub domain of this name (/v2/ part of the booking site URL cannot be changed).

How to use
1. Enable this feature per one-time payment(you will see the exact price in your account) on your Custom features page.
Custom domain enable path.png

2. Go to its "Settings" by selecting the corresponding option.
Custom domain settings path.png

3. Then in your Domain controller, you need to find where you set the DNS records and set A-record to IP mentioned in this feature settings.
Please note! AAAA (IPv6) record must not be set, otherwise SSL certificate cannot be issued.
Custom domain settings v3 new.png

After A-records are set enter domain name you wish to use in its settings and save.

Then we will automatically receive the request and apply the settings on our side(it may take some time - usually around 24-48h). As soon as they are applied your domain name starts working for the booking site.

If you wish to change Custom Domain name to different one from the one set before it can be done for additional price as new SSL certificates need to be created. For additional information please contact support.