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Custom Features


Custom Features are additional functionalities of the system that will help you to improve your business. Please check the list of Custom Features below along with their descriptions and instructions how to use.

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You may also need:

Accept Deposits

Accept deposits icon.png

Use deposits to increase the likelihood of clients coming for the service and make sure that in case they do not show up that you can keep the deposit. Remark that some clients may contact their bank directly to get refund of deposits in which case there is little that can be done but such cases should be rare.

Please note:

  • When you enable Accept deposits feature Accept Payments will be enabled as well.
  • This feature is not compatible with Rewards and Referrals.
  • If the client wants to apply a promocode or a previously purchased package during purchase he/she needs to pay full price only as these items cannot be applied with deposits.

How to use
1. To enable this feature please navigate to Custom Features page, Business enhancements section, click on Accept deposits and either move the switcher to the On position or hit Enable button on the right side of the page.
Accept deposits enable path.png

2. You can set the system to allow the clients to pay deposits only via booking site by disabling Allow clients to pay full price option on the right side of the page.
In this case if deposit amount is indicated per service/class the client will pay that amount to confirm their booking.
If only full amount is set per service/class then the clients will pay full price.
In case Allow clients to pay full price is enabled(default state) and deposit amount is indicated per service/class the clients will have a choice to pay either full price or deposit at checkout.
Accept deposits setting.png

3. To set deposits per your services please either go to Manage -> Services(Classes) or use Manage button near this custom feature title.
Accept deposits go to service management.png

4. Click on the service/class name for the desired item to open Service/Class details tab and move Enable deposit switcher to the active position.

5. Indicate the amount you would like to receive as a deposit for this item in the corresponding box(it should be less than actual price, but more than 0) and save settings.

6. After you save all the settings the services will have two prices displayed on the booking site: full amount and deposit.
Deposit booking page view.png

7. When the clients pay the deposit amount online to confirm their booking two orders/invoices will be created in the system: one for the deposit and the second for the rest amount
(it will be shown as pending till the client pays at the place of appointment and you manually approve it).
You can manage them in Reports -> Payment transactions.
Deposit booking invoices.png

Or via Point of Sale interface:
Deposit booking pos.png

Accept Payments

Accept payments small2.png

Accept Payments Custom Feature allows you to accept payments from your clients online. You can set the price for your service and when your clients make a booking, they will be redirected to the payment page. You can accept payments via Alipay, Asiapay (PayDollar, PesoPay, SiamPay), Authorize, Bitcoins,, CCAvenue, Dwolla, ECPay, GoCoin,, Liqpay, Mollie,, Payfast, Payfort, Paymentwall, PayPal, PaySafeCard, PayTabs, PayU(Latin America), Pin Payments, Robokassa, Skrill, Square, Stripe, Swish, TapPay, 2Checkout, Virtual Card Services, Worldpay and Zooz.

Video tutorial available here.

How to use
1. Enable Accept Payments Custom Feature in the Custom Feature section.
Accept payments enable path.png

2. To add your payment processor details please go to "Settings" for this feature.
Accept payments settings path.png

3. On the right side you will see the list of processors available. Please find the desired one and add your credentials.
Payment processors list1.png

3.1 (Optional) Set your payment timeout in the left-side section of this feature, we recommend not less than 20-30 minutes.
3.2 (Optional) In the settings you can also make payment after booking mandatory or optional by setting "Allow delay payment" option(client will pay on place) to Off or On.
4. In Manage//Services//(select the service to edit)//Service details //Price set the price of your service.
Set service price.png

5. Add invoice information to the corresponding block and your clients will receive invoices about any purchase made within your system. You can also disable sending invoices to your clients if necessary.
Invoice settings1.png

How Accept Payments Custom Feature works
1. A client goes through the booking process and presses "Book Now" at the end.
2. He is directed to payment system and unconfirmed booking appears in the admin calendar with red mark "not paid" to reserve this time so that no other person can accidentally book the same slot and there were no double bookings.
Non-paid booking view.png

3. After that, the client has 2 options:
3.1. pay and the payment processor will send us confirmation that client paid and we will approve it on our side (mark in calendar will become Green).
Paid booking view.png

3.2. do not finish paying: the client is directed to the payment system, but then he closes the page, closes the browser, or simply leaves it open without any actions for a long period of time. In this case, the system will wait until timeout you set up in the settings of Accept payments Custom Feature will end and will cancel the non-paid booking. Emails to client and admin won't be sent about the timed out bookings because they were never finished. Same happens if the client paid, but paid later than timeout. In this case, if you receive a notification from PayPal/Stripe/etc. that client paid for a booking but too late, you can go to Reports//Payment transactions and approve this booking manually.
Approve timeout booking v3.png

What is "Allow delay payment" option
Allow delay payment option.png

When your clients are transferred to the payment page after "Details" tab, they usually have several options: your payment processor (one or several) and "Pay Later". "Pay Later" means that client will pay right on the place when he/she arrives to the appointment. In your Dashboard, when you click on appointment, such booking in the service price field will have remark (Pay Later). If you want to disable "Pay later" option, set the switcher to "Off" position for "Allow delay payment" in the settings of Accept payments Custom Feature.

How to change the currency for payments

You can change the currency in the settings of Accept payments Custom Feature.
Please note: some payment processors do not support all currencies. Before setting the currency, check if the selected payment processor supports it.

How to add tax to services
1. You can set it in the settings of Accept payments Custom Feature. Switch on the option "Include tax to the prices"
2. Follow the link "Edit taxes" below that option.
Add taxes1.png

3. Create all tax options you need. You will be able to select which tax to apply to which service or set default tax.
Creating tax.png

4. Go to Manage//Services and select the tax option per service.
Add tax to service.png

Can I use other payment processor not listed in the Accept Payments Custom Feature?

In that case please contact support and we will gladly check the possibilities of adding it to our system. Support may ask you to provide technical documentation related to this payment processor to check if there is a possibility of such an integration.

Any Employee Selector

Any employee new icon.png

You can use this Custom Feature to add a service provider called "Any provider" to the booking page, and if the client chooses this provider, all times of available providers will show.

Any employee booking page new.png

You can also use this Custom Feature to:

  • Hide employee step on the booking page.
  • Auto allocate any available provider for selected service randomly.

This way the client only chooses the service and the time so it simplifies the booking process.

How to use
1. Enable "Any Employee selector" custom feature in Custom features section.
Any employee enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" near it to adjust "Any employee" option title and description to your needs.
Any employee settings path.png

3. If you need to hide providers from the booking site and/or assign them randomly please check the corresponding boxes there.
Any employee settings v3.png


Api new icon.png

With the help of this Custom Feature you can design your own solutions varying from simple widgets to multi-functional applications. Use it to authorize in Simplybook API with API key.

How to use
1. Navigate to Custom features section using the left-side menu of your admin interface to enable it.
Api enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" button near it to access the API keys.
Api settings path.png

3. (optional) Use "Callback url" option to sync the system if you are doing own development.
Api keys v3.png

Appointment at Fixed Time

Appointment at fixed time new icon.png

This Custom Feature allows advanced flexibility to your appointment start times for all services at once or per each service. Custom Feature can be used to define exact hour and/or minutes in an hour where your services are available (e.g. 10.00, 14.30, 16.25). It can be used to set the start hour and then choose fixed or multiple interval in minutes when your services are available (e.g. multiple of 15 min 10.00, 10.15, 10.30, 10.45).

Please note! This feature works with "slots" timelines: slots weekly or modern.

How to use
1. Open Custom features page in your account and click on "Enable" near Appointment at fixed time option.
Appointment at fixed time enable path.png

2. To set times open "Settings" next to it.
Appointment at fixed time settings path.png

3. On the page you see please select the service you wish to edit start times for or select "All services" if all times will be the same.
And choose the desired times using the corresponding boxes.
Appointment at fixed time settings v3.png

Approve Bookings

Approve booking new icon.png

Approve Bookings Custom Feature is essential if you need to look at customers details before you can approve their booking. It allows you to check information given by clients before you accept their bookings. When your clients book an appointment, at the end they will see a notice that confirmation email will be sent when their booking is approved.

Please note!

If you have Accept Payments custom feature enabled, paid bookings will be approved automatically, only free services and bookings with "Pay Later" option can be approved/rejected.
If the client booked using Multiple bookings custom feature all appointments from multiple bookings pack are approved if one session is approved. The way around is to edit reservations you want to reschedule and cancel reservations you want to decline first, and then approve the pack.

How to use
1. Enable Approve bookings custom feature in your Custom features section.
Approve bookings enable path.png

2. Navigate to Calendar//Pending bookings to check the bookings waiting for approval and accept or decline them.
The client will receive the confirmation email only after your approval.
If you decline the booking there will be no notification to the client.
Pending bookings path.png

Pending bookings list.png

Book Soon Notification System

Book soon new icon.png

Make sure your clients come again! This Custom Feature will remind your clients to come back as you can send them a message x-number of days after their last appointment. For example, you can compose your own message and send a reminder always 30 days after an appointment.

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature on your Custom features page.
Book soon enable path.png

2. Go to "Settings" near this option.
Book soon settings path.png

3. In the settings press "Add new".
Book soon create new template.png

4. Configure email and /or sms notifications by writing the subject and the text (you can insert variables in your message).
Book soon settings v3.png

5. In the field "Book soon notifications" name this notification to distinguish it from other notifications you may want to create in future.
6. Set notification delay days (number of days after the appointment when notification should be sent)
7. Select service and provider for which the notification will be applied to (optional).

Calendar Sync

Calendar sync new icon.png

Calendar Sync Custom Feature is used for 2-way synchronization with Google and Outlook calendars. You can export bookings from SimplyBook to Google or Outlook calendars and also block times occupied by Google/Outlook Calendar event in your SimplyBook dashboard.

Please note that this feature works with web calendars only - it will not work with Microsoft Exchange calendars.

How to use
1. Enable Calendar Sync feature in the Custom Feature section.
Calendar sync enable path v3.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this option.
Calendar sync settings path v3.png

3. Click on "Connect new calendar" and connect Google or Outlook account.

Calendar sync- connect calendar.png

4. Select the desired calendar and connect necessary providers to it.
5. Press "export" to export your old bookings to Google or Outlook calendar for sync process to start.
6. Check the box "sync busy time" if you want to block times in the simplybook dashboard occupied by Google/Outlook Calendar events.

Connected providers to calendar.png

Please note that if "sync busy time" is checked and you have set your provider to accept more than 1 client at a time it will not be possible to make more than 1 booking as the booking will be exported to Google/Oultook as "busy time" and will block that time from booking.
If you need to accept more than one booking at a time for your provider please uncheck "sync busy time" box.

7. You will be able to see Google/Outlook calendar events that block time in SimplyBook only in Service Provider view in calendar (because you connect calendar to provider). Nothing will be visible in Day and Week view because those views are for all providers (if you have several providers, it would be impossible to show all Google/Outlook events in 1 calendar).

Blocked time from external calendar event.png

Please note During sync process no events details are imported from your external calendar. The events are represented by blue blocks on Calendar page only.

Simplybook doesn’t sync with Google/Outlook calendar

Possible reasons:

1. please, note that synchronization can take up to 10 mins;
2. if Google/Outlook updates calendar app, press “Export” button again to sync;
3. wrong calendar was chosen (in Custom Features//Calendar Sync//Settings//Please select calendar) or you are using Microsoft Exchange server calendar;
4. timezones in your Google/Outlook calendar and account do not coincide.
5. Google calendar events should be marked as “busy” for 2-way synchronization, Outlook calendar events should not be marked as "free" to block times on the booking page.

Example from Google calendar:

Busy in google calendar750.png

Example from Outlook calendar:

Outlook busy.png event is listed twice in Google calendar

It can be because of the Google calendar setting to automatically add events from your emails. Therefore, if you receive confirmation emails with booking details, Google automatically adds them to your calendar. To turn off this option: click Settings icon in the top right corner of Google calendar//Settings and uncheck the box near "Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar" option.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelation policy new icon.png

You can restrict time when clients can cancel appointments with the help of Cancellation Policy Custom Feature. Simply set the number of hours before appointment when cancellation is possible or prohibit cancellations at all. If client tries to cancel an appointment beyond the limit, he/she will see a warning notice that the booking cannot be cancelled.

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable Cancellation policy fature on your Custom Features page.
Cancellation policy enable path free.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this option.
Cancellation policy settings path free.png

3. Add your text to the corresponding field and select the period when bookings can be canceled
(you can use HTML tags there to format the text to your needs).

4. You can also ask your clients about the cancellation reason and make this option obligatory or not.
Cancellation policy settings v3 new options.png



Now allows new option for classes and events scheduling whatever kind of business you have. Brand new feature allows you to have all your classes/events in separate section so that you will never mix them up with simple services. Or you can use classes/events interface only. Moreover, this custom feature allows to have almost all settings necessary for class/event scheduling on one page, which makes the setup process easy and fast.

To enable this option please go to Custom features page, select “Booking related” section and click on “Enable” near “Classes” feature.

Classes enable path.png

Please check more detailed instructions how to create classes here.

And video tutorial how to sell membership related classes here

Clean History

Clean history new icon.png

Use this Custom Feature to clean all old bookings from the system. You can set when the bookings should be deleted and then the Custom Feature will take care of never having older bookings on record than according to your definition. Please use with care as we can not get deleted bookings back for you! It works and deletes selected bookings till you turn this feature off.

Free custom feature!

Please note! This custom feature is not compatible with: Coupons & Gift Cards, Packages and Membership

How to use
1. Enable this feature in your Custom features section.
Clean history enable path free.png

2. Choose "Settings" near this option to set your preferences.
Clean history settings path free.png

3. Set the time when the bookings should be deleted.
Clean history settings v3.png

Client Login

Client login new icon.png

Use this Custom Feature to allow clients to register online, quickly make bookings and see their booking history. You can block and unblock clients from making bookings on your booking page and also turn off or on the ability for clients to register an account. If you close for client registrations, only clients you have registered and granted access can make bookings.

How to use
1. Enable this option on your custom Features page.
Client login enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" button to:
  • enable/disable sign up on the booking page,
  • ask your clients for their address on the booking page,
  • make phone feld mandatory or not,
  • hide "Personal data report" from client profile
  • set notification templates about creating new user, password reset and change.
Client login settings path.png

Client login settings v3 new options.png

To have bookings only from clients that already exist in the system please uncheck the box “Allow clients to sign up on site” If it is checked anyone will be able to sign up and make a booking.

Disable sign up on site.png

To block/unblock some clients from booking please go to Manage//Clients and click on “Block” or “Unblock” buttons there.

Block or unblock clients.png

Please note! If you block the client he/she will not receive information about your promotions as well.

If you have several profiles for one and the same client and need to merge clients please follow these instructions:

1) Go to Manage//Clients, and click on "Merge clients" at the top.

Merge clients path.png

2) Then check the boxes with necessary clients and click on "Merge"
Merging clients.png

Please note! If you have unmerged clients they will not be able to sign in/sign up on your booking site to make and see bookings.

Client Rescheduling

Reschedule booking icon.png

The Client rescheduling custom feature allows you to include reschedule links in notification messages to your clients and rescheduling button to the booking site. The clients can use these options to find a new time for their booking if within allowed rescheduling period.

Please note!:
  • The clients can only change date and/or time of the appointment;
  • This feature is not compatible with Approve Bookings custom feature;
  • It is not possible to reschedule recurring and group batch appointments;
  • If gift card, coupon, membership or a package were applied during initial booking process it is not possible to reschedule by client;
  • Some timelines change on rescheduling page (flexible provider becomes flexible; modern provider becomes modern; weekly classes becomes slots weekly; daily classes is replaced by modern).

How to use
1. Enable Client Rescheduling on your Custom Features page.
Reschedule booking enable path.png

2. Select the preferred rescheduling restriction period in its settings.
Reschedule booking settings.png

3. (optional) Add [reschedule_link] variable to client notifications in Settings -> Email and SMS Settings(or Flexible Notifications settings if you have custom templates per service/provider).
Reschedule booking add variable.png

4. As the result the clients will be able to use Reschedule button on the booking site My Bookings page or using the link from email notifications.
Reschedule booking my bookings client side.png
Reschedule booking slots selection client side.png

Contact Widget

Contact widget new icon.png

Enable this Custom Feature if you need to add Book and Contact widget to your own website. With this Custom Feature, your clients will be able to book directly from your website and also send you a contact with detailed information.

How to use
1. To switch this option on please click on "Enable" near the corresponding option on your Custom features page.
Contact widget enable path.png

2. Please choose "Settings" to set up the look of the widget and generate the necessary code.
Contact widget settings path.png

See the instructions how to add booking widget to your website

3. To check received messages from your customers please select Custom features//Contact messages or click on "Reports" in Custom features//Contact widget//Settings.
Contact messages path.png

Coupons & Gift Cards

Coupons and gift cards icon.png

Create and sell gift cards, and send coupons to your clients with the Coupons & Gift Cards custom feature! You can make % and fixed amount discounts and sell gift certificates. Use this amazing feature to promote your business. Customize your promotions with defined dates, messages and codes.

Please check our video tutorial on how to use this feature here.

Please note! This Custom feature cannot be used together with Rewards and Referrals and Clean History.

As well when you enable it Accept Payments feature will be enabled as well.

Please note! If you are using this feature with Multiple Bookings, Group Bookings or recurring services the discount will be applied to the whole purchase(all the sessions selected).

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature in Business Enhancements section of your Custom Features page.
Coupons and gift cards enable path.png

2. Navigate to "Settings" near this feature or go to Manage//Coupons and Gift Cards.
Coupons and gift cards settings path.png

3. Click on "+" icon to create a promotion or a gift card.
Create gift card or promo.png

4. Fill in main details in the menu that appears on the right side.
Promotion details.png

5. Add details that your clients will see.
Promotion details for clients.png

6. Set the period when promotion or gift card will be valid.
Promotion period.png

7. As well you can connect your promotion/gift card to specific service(s), membership(s), product(s) for sale and/or service add-on(s).
Promotions connected items.png

8. Save your settings. And one more step - you can now issue the gift card and/or send promotion messages to your customers.
Just use the corresponding button in the left-side menu.
Issue gift card.png

9. You can also set templates for clients to receive email and/or SMS notifications when they purchase a gift-card on the booking site.
To do that please navigate to Custom features//Coupons and Gift Cards//Settings//Notifications.
Coupons and gift cards notification templates path.png

Coupons and gift cards notification templates.png

Custom CSS

Custom css new icon.png

Make your own booking interface with this CSS Custom Feature. It allows to change the styles of different elements, hide them, change fonts, colors, font-sizes, etc. If you know CSS coding, please use tools of browser to find identifiers of elements and write rules in the settings of Custom Feature, if you have no deep knowledge of CSS, please contact support and they will try to find the best solution for you.

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable this option on your Custom Features page.
Custom css enable path free.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this feature.
Custom css settings path free.png

3. Add the code(s) to adjust the styles to "Booking pages CSS" tab if you wish to edit the booking page
or "Widget CSS" if you are editing widget on your website.
Custom css settings v3.png

See most common requests how to remove elements with CSS here (phone, email fields, social tabs, our time, etc)

Custom Domain


This option allows to set your own sitelink (URL) for your booking page with connection done through secure layer. If you own your own domain name, you can now simply use the booking site with this name or a sub domain of this name.

How to use
1. Enable this feature per one-time payment(you will see the exact price in your account) on your Custom features page.
Custom domain enable path.png

2. Go to its "Settings" by selecting the corresponding option.
Custom domain settings path.png

3. Then in your Domain controller, you need to find where you set the DNS records and set A-record to IP mentioned in this feature settings.
Please note! AAAA (IPv6) record must not be set, otherwise SSL certificate cannot be issued.
Custom domain settings v3 new.png

After A-records are set enter domain name you wish to use in its settings and save.

Then we will automatically receive the request and apply the settings on our side(it may take some time - usually around 24-48h). As soon as they are applied your domain name starts working for the booking site.

If you wish to change Custom Domain name to different one from the one set before it can be done for additional price as new SSL certificates need to be created. For additional information please contact support.

Custom Page

Static page.png

This custom feature allows you to add your own custom static pages to your booking website, re-order all booking site pages in the main menu, hide menu items, and add custom links to the main menu.

How to use page creation option
1. Enable “Custom page” feature on your Custom features page -> Adding more to the Booking site section.
Static page enable path.png

2. Go to its settings to manage the pages.
Static page settings path.png

3. On the next page you will be able to see system booking page tabs.
(The ones that are disabled currently are grayed out.)
System pages cannot be edited in this interface. You will need to navigate to the corresponding section using the links provided.
Active and disabled tabs.png

4. You can use arrows to re-order the tabs and “Eye” icons to hide and show pages.
Please note, that if you hide the page it still will be possible to access it using direct link.
Hide-show-reorder pages.png

5. If you wish to add new custom page, please click on “+” icon at the top and choose “Add custom page” option.
Create new static page.png

6. On the right side the page-building menu will appear. Please add title and desired page content.
You may use built-in HTML editor to add elements or if you have HTML coding knowledge you can switch to code mode using “</>” icon.
Please note, it is necessary to switch coding mode off before saving the page for the code to be saved correctly.
Coding mode on.png

How to use adding links

It may happen that you need to redirect your clients to some other page(ex. your website, etc.).
In this case “Add link to menu bar” will help you.

1. Click on “+” icon at the top and choose “Add link to menu bar” option.
Add link to menu bar.png

2. Add the title you wish to show in the booking page header to “Custom link text to display” field and indicate the link itself in the corresponding field.
Adding the link.png

3. You can also choose whether the link should be opened in the new browser tab or in the same one.
For this please choose “self” if you wish the page to be opened in the same tab or “blank” if you wish to be opened in the separate tab in the “Choose how link will be opened” setting.
How to open the link.png

Daily Report

Daily report new icon.png

Every day this Custom Feature will send you an updated status of all bookings for the day. You will also receive a list with your active bookings for the upcoming week. In the settings of this Custom Feature you can decide whether you want to include today's new bookings, today's canceled bookings, decide the period for upcoming bookings like 1 day, 3, 7, 14, 21, 30 days and set notification time.

How to use
1. Enable this feature on your Custom Features page.
Daily report enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" near it to manage the available options.
Daily report settings path.png

3. Adjust the preferences and save.
Daily report settings v3.png

The system will send the corresponding report to your company email address that you have indicated in Settings//Company information//Basic information.

Daily report.png

Display of Seats Left

Seats left icon.png

Show how many seats are left when you accept multiple clients per slot, such as for classes and events. You can also choose to show the total number of seats as well as number of seats left. This works for the following selected timelines; Modern, Slots weekly, Daily and Weekly classes timelines.

Please note!

  • This feature is not compatible with Limit Bookings;
  • Works for the following timelines only: slots weekly, modern, weekly and daily classes, modern provider.

How to use
1. Enable Display of Seats Left in your Custom Features section.
Seats left enable path.png

2. (optional) Enable the corresponding option to display the total of spaces along with the ones left.
Seats left show total.png

3. As the result the clients will be able to see the number of spaces left per each timeslot(and total if "Show the total number of seats per slot" is enabled).
Seats left show on slots.png

Facebook and Instagram Bookings

Facebook business icon.png

Connect your booking system to your Facebook Business page and Instagram profile.  That way you can book even more clients by having a “Book” button both on your Facebook Business page and your Instagram profile - all seamlessly integrated with your SimplyBook booking system.

Please note!

  • It is possible to connect booking option to Facebook Business and Instagram Business pages. This functionality cannot be added to a personal page.
  • The booking option is not shown on desktop Instagram version and can be used via mobile apps only.
  • Bookingtroll theme is used for the booking widget by default. If you need to adjust the styling please use Custom CSS feature.

How to add and use booking option to Facebook/Instagram business page

1. Enable Facebook & Instagram Bookings custom feature on your Custom Features page.
Facebook and insta bookings enable path.png

2. Login to your Facebook/Instagram business account(s) in another browser tab.

3. Go back to interface and click on Settings near Facebook & Instagram Bookings.
Facebook and insta bookings settings path.png

4. Click on Connect with Facebook button on the page you see.
Facebook and insta bookings settings overview.png

5. You will be redirected to Facebook interface to manage the permissions and connection to
Please follow the steps 1-5 displayed below.
(If you have Instagram business profile connected to your Facebook business page you will be able to connect it there as well
and Book button will automatically appear there)
Facebook permisions setup.png

6. Now you will have your services shown on your Facebook page with Book buttons next to them that will redirect your clients to your booking site.
Fb client side services.png

7. You can also add booking option to your Facebook page posts so that the customers will be able to quickly book your services.
Fb adding bookings to post.png

How to remove Book button from Facebook/Instagram pages

1. Navigate to Custom Features -> Facebook & Instagram Bookings -> Settings on side.

2. Click on Logout at the top of the page.
Facebook logout.png

3. You will be redirected to Facebook interface, where you just need to check the box with and select Remove option.
Facebook remove simplybook.png

How to add and use booking option on Instagram only

1. Open your Instagram mobile application and login to your business page.

2. Navigate to your profile and select to edit it.

3. Follow the steps 1-8 below to add Book button that will lead the customers to your booking site:
Insta setup.png

How to remove Book option from Instagram business page

1. Open your Instagram mobile application and navigate to editing your profile.
Follow the steps 1-5 below to remove Book button:
Insta button removal.png

Facebook Bot

Facebook bot logo.png

Do you wish to add automated booking functionality to your Facebook fan page?
Now it is possible with brand new Facebook bot custom feature.

Please note! Facebook bot works in English only and provides only basic functionality, so for example payments, client login, memberships, approve bookings, etc. are not working there.
Contact support for more details.

1. Enable Facebook Bot custom feature on your Custom Features page.
Facebook bot enable v3.png

2. Choose Settings near it to see basic instructions.
Facebook bot settings path.png

3. Log into the Facebook Developer Console.
Facebook developers login new.png

4. Click on My Apps in the upper right-hand corner and choose to Add a New App"
Fb create new app.png

5. Enter a name and contact email address and click on Create App ID.
Create new app id new.png

6. On the next page you will see scenarios. Please skip this step.
Fb bot skip step.png

7. Add all basic information about your company and bot, required links, an icon as well as GDPR related information if necessary.
Fb bot add basic details.png

8. Then please click on + near Products on the left-side.
Fb bot products path.png

9. Scroll the page you see a little bit and click the Set Up button for the Messenger option.
Fb bot messenger path.png

10. Under the Token Generation section, choose one of your Facebook pages, copy the token you get.
Fb bot token copy.png

If you see the following error while selecting the page you may need to edit the permissions.
Fb bot error permissions.png

Permission steps facebook.png

11. Then Page Access Token will be generated. Enter it in Facebook bot settings.
Fb bot token paste.png

12. Click the Setup Webhooks button under the Webhooks section and enter Callback URL and Verify token copied from Facebook Bot feature settings.
Fb bot setup webhooks.png

13. Check the messages and messaging_postbacks options under Subscription Fields.
Fb bot setup webhooks step 2.png

14. Click Verify and Save button.
15. Scroll to App Review for Messenger block, select the first option pages_messaging and add the details requested there.
Pages messaging add.png

Fb bot submission step 1.png

16. Complete the steps you see in the pop-up.(the steps may be changed by Facebook with time)
Fb but submit for review.png

17. Submit your app for review.
Fb bot submission step 3.png

18. You can also make your app live for approved users to test.
It will become available to all your page visitors after Facebook approval.
Fb bot make app public.png

19. It may take some time for Facebook to approve your application and your clients will be able to book using the chat bot.
Here you can see how approved request will look like
Bot approved.png

Facebook Client Info

Facebook client info new icon.png

The Facebook Custom Feature will simplify your life and your customer's life. They can log in and make appointments with their Facebook profile. You can thereby also see their Facebook profile photo in the dashboard, allowing you to recognise them when they walk through the door. Please note, that services may be visible on his/her timeline.

How to use
1. Enable this option on your Custom features page.
Facebook client info enable path.png

2. And the clients will be able to log in with their Facebook profiles on the booking site.
Facebook client info client view.png
Facebook client info client view logged.png

Flexible Notifications

Flexible notifications new icon.png

The Flexible Notifications Custom Feature allows you to customize messages per service, per provider or using a combination of services and providers. It means that certain service can have a message different from the general outgoing reminder message for other services. A certain provider may also want to include different instructions for clients who book a certain service. The Flexible Notifications Custom Feature gives you all the flexibility that you may need in such instances!

How to use
1. Go to Custom Features//Booking related section and find Flexible Notifications Custom Feature//press "enable".
Flexible notifications enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this feature.
Flexible notifications settings path.png

3. On the page you see press "new flexible template settings".
Flexible notifications create new template.png

4. In the new template select services to apply to bookings and/or select providers to apply to bookings. Then select notification type to add/change template and edit the text. Please use variables on the right to include to your templates if necessary.
Flexible template creation.png

Google Adwords and Analytics

Google analytics new icon.png

Use the Google Analytics Custom Feature to see how many customers visit your site both on an everyday basis and during promotion campaigns. Use the adwords analytics to count how many actually book after clicking an adwords advertisement.

How to use
1. Enable "Google Adwords and Analytics" feature on your Custom Features page.
Google analytics enable path.png

2. Choose "Settings"
Google analytics settings path.png

3. Fill in the boxes with the corresponding information.
Google analytics settings v3.png

Where to find the details
1. The Google analytics id can be found in your Google analytics accounts.
Go to Analytics home, and click on "All Web Site data" in the top left corner.
Analytics home.png

2. In the pop-up you will see your Analytics ID
Analytics id.png

It should be in the format: UA-XXXXXXXX-X Where XXXXXXX-X is some number.
An example of this id would be: UA-70295750-1
To start tracking visitors, you only need to set your analytics account id.

However to track results of an adwords campaign you need to set up an adwords campaign conversion id and insert this id into the Custom Feature.

1. Sign in to your Ads account at
2. Click Tools and select Conversions
Conversions path.png

3. Click + to create conversions and select Website conversions.
New conversion step 1.png

4. Set up the options.
New conversion step 2.png

Google conversion value is the conversion value that you give to a client that hits your target. It can, for example, be set as 20 for $20 per conversion if the average price of your service is $20. We set it default to 1, which could mean $1 value per conversion but you should change this to the right value for you.

5. Select to insert the Tag yourself.
New conversion step 3.png

6. Then you will see a code like this:
New conversion step 4.png

<!- Event snippet for Testing conversion page ->
gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-XXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYY-YYYYYYYYYYY'});

where XXXXXXXXX is your conversion id(google_conversion_id value) and
YYYYYYYY-YYYYYYYYYYY is conversion label(google_conversion_label value)

7. Use these details to add to the corresponding fields of this custom feature settings.

Add conversion details to sbm.png

Google Authenticator

Google authenticator.png

Add security to your account. You can use a 2-step authentication when logging into your account preventing unauthorized access. Upon entering password, you'll be asked to insert 6-digit login code from your Google authenticator or a 3rd party app.

You can use this custom feature with or without HIPAA feature depending on your needs and business requirements.

Free custom feature!

Please note! In case you have this feature enabled our support agents will not be able to access your account settings.
As well it will not be possible to connect the account to Zapier.

How to use it as admin user

1. Open “Custom features” page using left-side menu of your admin interface and find “Data Protection” section. Just click on “Enable” near “Google authenticator”
Google auth enable path free.png

2. To set 2-step authentication please go to Manage//Users using left-side menu or click on “Settings”//”Set up 2-step authentication” near this custom feature.
Google auth settings path free.png

3. On Manage//Users page click on “+” and create all desired system users to be able to connect each to 2-step authentication.
Create users.png

4. Download “Google Authenticator” application from Google Play or App Store. You can just scan QR-code in Manage//Users//select the user//Google Authenticator and immediately get to application page.
Ga application links.png

5. In the same section scan QR-code with Google Authenticator application on your smartphone, enter the code you see in the app and click on "Connect" button.
Connect ga to user v3.png

6. All done! This user can now log in in more secure way!

Login process will look like as follows:
- open site or direct link as
- fill in all necessary details and password
- enter 6-digits code from Google Authenticator feature
2-step authentication pop-up.png

If you plan to allow your employees to be able to connect themselves please create them as users beforehand and allow them to login without 2-step authentication in Custom features//Google authenticator//Settings//Settings.

Allow to log in without 2step auth.png

How to connect Google Authenticator if you are a user

1. Google Authenticator custom feature should be previously enabled by admin as described above.
2. Open “Welcome” page using left-side menu and scan the code to download the application if you have not done this before.
Connect ga as user v3 get the app.png

3. Click on “Connect/Change” link, scan the code, enter the code you get and save settings.
Connect ga as user v3.png

4. From now you will login in more secure way!

Login process will look like as follows:
- open site or direct link as
- fill in all necessary details and password
- enter 6-digits code from Google Authenticator feature

Google Business

Google business icon.png

Easily increase your business visibility on the Internet via the Google My Business feature. It does not cost anything but increases visibility in search as well as makes your business visible on Google maps.

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature on your Custom Features page.
Google business enable path.png

2. Navigate to Settings to create Google Business account if you do not have one yet, or connect already existing Google Business account.
Google business settings path.png

Google business account.png

3. Give the necessary permissions so that it will be possible to see and edit your location(s) in

4. If you already have some locations in Google Business you will be able to see them on the left side of the page.
Google business locations.png

5. Just click on one of them if you need to make some edits and enable the option Update address in the profile, make the necessary changes and re-save the location for the information to be updated on Google side
Google business update address.png

or choose + option to add a new business address.
Google business add location.png

6. After you have added the address, click on Save and Close and you will have the possibility to proceed to the business location verification on Google side(it may take some time).
You can also close the pop-up and get back to the verification step later(there will be Verify now button for each saved and synced business location).
As soon as your location is verified by Google(you will see the verification process steps while following Google instuctions) your business will appear in search and on Google Maps.
Google business verify link.png

7. When you save the location the following information is passed to Google about your company:
  • business location title;
  • company working hours;
  • company phone number;
  • booking site link;
  • business category(as Google categories differ the best matching one will be found).
Google business location info.png

Please note, if you have changed some of these details in your account you will need to re-save the business location in Google Business feature settings for the details to be updated on Google side.

8. You can also edit your business location details on Google side if necessary. Simply click on Edit on GMB button at the top(appears for saved and synced locations).
Google business edit on google side.png

9. If some location(s) become not relevant for your business anymore you can easily delete them in this feature settings. Just click on Delete on GMB option.
Google business delete on google side.png

Reserve with Google

Please note!:
  • Reserve with Google is currently available only for: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany;
  • Currently it is not possible to use this option for the following business categories: medical center, educational institution, government office, engineer, medical clinic, dentist, medical office, education center, event management company, city administration, embassy, general practice attorney, child care agency, university, college, school, library, financial institution.
  • It is required to have Accept Payments custom feature enabled (Pay later (Allow delay payment) option should always be On) and prices should be added for all the services/classes you wish to be displayed and bookable through Google Maps;
  • If you are using Intake forms feature there should be no mandatory forms added to the services you wish to be available for booking;
  • If a service is recurring or connected to Membership it will not be displayed in Reserve with Google;
  • If you are using outdated Google Calendar Sync custom feature it will not be possible to use Reserve with Google.

How to use
1. Add and verify your Google Business location(s) either via platform(previous part of this tutorial) or using your Google Business interface and re-save it(them) in Google Business custom feature settings.
Reserve with google resave locations.png

2. Navigate to Reserve on google maps tab and move the switcher Synchronization with Reserve with Google to an active position.
Reserve with google turn sync on.png

2. (optional) If you use Multiple Locations custom feature, connect your Google Businesses to desired locations.
Please note! It is possible to connect one location to one Google Business.
If you do not use Multiple Locations your main company location can be connected to one Google Business.
Reserve with google connect location.png

3. Save settings. Now the sync takes place and after you reload the page it will be possible to see the list of services that will be passed to Reserve with Google for booking.
By default we gather all the information and pass the update to Google once a day, but you can use Update info button to prepare the information for transfer manually if any settings changes in your account(for example, if you have created new service) were made.
Reserve with google connection result.png

Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager icon.png

This feature allows to manage tracking and marketing optimization JavaScript tags on your site. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and non-Google tags.

How to use
1. Enable Google Tag Manager custom feature in your Custom features section.
Google tag manager enable path.png

2. Sign up for a Google tag manager site

3.  Create a new container and set it up.

4. Click on “Settings” near Google Tag manager on custom features page.
Google tag manager settings path.png

5. Insert the container ID on the page you see.
Google tag manager settings v3.png

Google Translate

Google translate.png

Need to show your booking website in several languages for your clients' convenience? Now we have Google Translate custom feature that makes is possible. It allows you to add Google Translate’s automatic translation to your booking website and each client will be able to choose the language convenient for them.

How to use
1. To enable this option navigate to Custom Features//Adding more to the Booking Website.
Google translate enable path.png

2. To access available options for this functionality click on "Settings" button.
Google translate settings path.png

3. Check the boxes with languages you wish your clients to be able to choose on the booking website.
Google translate options settings.png

4. Select the view mode to your taste.
Select view mode for google translate.png

5. Save settings. Everything is ready to use! Here is how it can look like on your booking page using one of the themes.
Google translate booking page view1.png

One more translation possibility using third-party service here

Group Bookings

Group booking new icon.png

Group bookings is useful when you need your customers to be able to book appointment or reservation for many individuals at the same time. This Custom Feature creates a selection menu with the number of participants in the group. With this Custom Feature you can also use payment custom feature at the same time so that the total payment for all participants will be paid in one payment at time of check-out even though only the group leader/organizer is registered. If you are using Products for Sale or Service Add-Ons features, number of items will also be multiplied to the number of participants selected.

How to use
1. Make sure that the Service provider is set able to accept X many clients at same time(or more depending on your needs). For this go Manage//Providers//select necessary provider//Service provider details//How many clients can this provider serve at same time? and set the X number of clients.
Number of clients per provider.png

2. Activate Group Bookings custom feature on your Custom features page
Group bookings enable path.png

3. Go to its settings("Notifications" button)
Group bookings settings path.png

4. Here you can specify how many people can be booked in same booking, by same client and edit notification templates related to this feature.
Group bookings settings v3.png

How will it look like on the booking page:

The clients will be able to use the arrows to choose the number of participants(the look ay differ depending on the theme you have).
Group bookings client view.png


Hipaa new icon.png

Available with Standard and Premium(former Gold and Platinum) subscriptions.

The personal information custom feature is designed to help users to protect their client's and patient's data. It does not replace user's own security procedures but enhances data security by using double authentication during login process for all users who access the system (users need to register their mobile phone number to receive authentication code SMS(you need SMS credits for this) or connect Google Authenticator using corresponding custom feature). This custom feature includes a “Timeout” setting which automatically logs user out to reduce the risk of unauthorized users accessing the system.
The system blocks all access for SimplyBook support personnel further reducing access by unrelated people to the system. It is possible to further reduce exposure of personal information to unauthorized people by using the Clean History custom feature. This way old data gets deleted and is therefore not accessible.

Please note!

  • This custom feature does NOT replace the user's own security controls which also need to be in place for client and patient data protection. Please refer to relevant documentation in your country and get assistance from qualified advisors in the field of client/patient data protection.
  • [service] and [client] variables in notification templates do not work when this Custom Feature is enabled due to security reasons.
  • It is not possible to connect the account to Zapier if you are using HIPAA feature.

How to use
1. Enable HIPAA features on your Custom Features page.
When you enable this feature SSL custom feature and Google Authenticator will be enabled as well to add security to client side.
Hipaa enable path.png

2. Go to its settings to set timeout period and email address to be notified about new log ins.
Hipaa settings path.png

Hipaa settings v3.png

3. Validate main admin phone number.

How to validate phone number
1. After you enabled HIPAA Custom Feature press "validate admin phone number" in alert message you see at the top of your admin page.
2. You will be transferred to Manage//Users page. Select main admin user, insert the phone and press "Generate a check-code to validate phone".
Hipaa validate phone v3.png

3. You will receive sms with the code, enter the code into the "Validation code" field and press "Confirm the check-code".
Hipaa confirm code.png

4. Get a success message that the code is confirmed.
Hipaa validated number.png

HTML Description Field for Events

Html description new icon.png

Allows inserting HTML formatting (background and font color, bold, italic, underline, alignment and other HTML elements) for Service, Service Providers, Locations and Categories description fields.

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable this functionalitty on your Custom Features page.
Html enable path free.png

2. Go to Manage section using left-side menu and select Services/Providers/Classes/Memberships/Products for sale depending on which item do you wish to add/edit description to.
Select the item and the first tab with name and details.
Edit description and save settings
Html description field settings.png

Import Clients

Import clients icon.png

Use this feature if you need to add the list of clients to your system with just several clicks. Simply upload a CSV file containing your clients data, then select headers for corresponding columns, and you will have an updated list of clients in your client register.

Free custom feature!

Attention! It is forbidden to import a client list with emails and client information where the clients have not specifically granted you the right to do so.

Please note that this feature is available with Standard and Premium subscriptions only(former Advanced, Gold and Platinum).
It is only possible to import 500 clients by default. If you need to import more please contact support for details.

How to use this option:

1. Enable "Import Clients" custom feature on your Custom features page:
Import clients enable path free.png

2. Prepare your Excel file.
- No text above the list of clients should be written
- Make sure all cells are correctly displayed
- Save file in .csv format with comma separation.

3. Go to Manage//Clients//Import from CSV or simply click on "Settings" near this custom feature.
Import clients file upload path.png

4. Press "Choose file" and select the prepared file.
Import clients file upload step1.png

5. Assign values to the columns from drop-down lists in the upper bar (above each column, marked with black arrows). Assign "name", "email" and "phone".
Import clients assigning column headers.png

6. Press "Confirm clients import".
Please note that only 10 clients will be shown in preview, but after you import, all clients will be shown.

If you can't import clients, please check the possible reasons
1. Format of .csv file is incorrect. It should be saved in .csv with comma or tab separation.
2. There is some text above the data or unnecessary columns that prevent successful import. Please delete the text.
3. Values are not assigned. Use drop-down menus above the columns to assign values "name", "email", "phone", etc.


Insights new icon.png

This Custom Feature creates a variety of charts with key performance indicators in your new financial dashboard.

Providers availability, total bookings, payment per provider etc

How to use
1. Enable Insights on your Custom features page.
Insights enable path.png

2. Navigate to Dashboard or Reports//Insights to check the graphs and charts.
Dashboard chart example.png

Instagram Photo Sharing

Social gallery.png

Enable the Instagram photo sharing feature and show automatically your photos on the booking site to make it more a live and fun for your visitors. Take photos with your Instagram app and show the results on your booking page.

How to use:

1. To enable this custom feature please go to Custom features page and click on “Enable” near “Instagram photo sharing” option.
Instagram photo sharing enable path.png

2. Then please choose “Settings” near this custom feature
Instagram photo sharing settings path.png

3. You will get to the page where you will be able to connect your Instagram account.
Just click on “Authorization”, fill in your Instagram username and password.
Instagram photo sharing settings v3.png
Instagram login.png

4. If you have many posts within your Instagram account you can set how many images to display per page.
Instagram number of images per page.png

You have it set now and your Instagram images will be displayed on separate tab on the booking site.

Instagram on booking page.png

Please note!

- When you add images to your Instagram they will be updated on the booking page within an hour.
If you wish it to happen sooner please click on “Refresh now” on this custom feature “Settings” page.

Instagram refresh option.png

- If Instagram post consists of several images/photos only first one will be displayed on the booking site.
- Unfortunately currently videos cannot be played and will look like an image.

Intake Forms

Additional field new icon.png

Intake Forms Custom Feature allows you to request more information from your clients on the booking page. You can ask several questions and they can be answered in many types of fields, such as text lines, drop-downs, text boxes etc.

How to use
1. Enable Intake Forms Custom Feature in the Custom Feature section//Adding more to the booking page.
Intake forms enable path.png

2. Go to its settings or to Manage//Intake forms page.
Intake forms settings path.png

3. Press "+" button in the settings of Custom Feature to create a new form.
Create new intake form v3.png

4. In the field "Question title" write the question you want your clients to answer. For example: Age, preferences, Do you have any health problems?, etc.
5. Choose the field type:
digits only - allows entering only numbers. Useful when you need to know the age, height or any other information that will require only digits.
single line - usually used for short answers
multiple lines - use this type of filed if you expect lengthy explanations from your clients
checkbox - creates a checkbox that clients should either check or leave unchecked. Useful for questions that require binary answer, for example "I will need additional services".
dropdown selection - creates a drop-down list with the ability to choose only 1 option. In order to create this field, you will need to create a list of values in the section "Dropdown options and default option". Also you can select the Default value that will be assigned if nothing is chosen from the list.
date - creates date selection option with calendar
Intake forms fields types.png

6. Make it rather obligatory or not with the help of "optional" switcher.
7. If you wish to relate form with certain services, choose "Services, attached to this field" tab and check the boxes near corresponding services.
Attach intake form to services.png

8. If you want to include intake form information to email templates, find the intake forms variables and add them to templates in Configuration//General Settings//Email and SMS settings//Templates.
Add intake form variable to template.png



The Kiosk Custom Feature allows you to accept bookings on your client booking site so in between bookings, data gets cleared. This makes privacy issues less of a concern.

You can set the time when the customer will be redirected to home page of the booking site or to the beginning of the services booking steps in case you use widget after he/she completes the booking or if the page is left inactive.

Please note! This feature is not compatible with Take me Back Home custom feature.

How to use
1. Enable this feature on your Custom features page, Other section.
Kiosk enable path.png

2. Select if you wish to clear client data with each new booking, set redirect time for after booking completion and in case of inactivity on the booking site on the settings side of the page.
Kiosk settings overview.png

Save your preferences and you are done!

Limit Bookings

Limit bookings new icon.png

This Custom Feature allows you to restrict booking quantity which can be booked at the same time. This Custom Feature is useful when your services require additional things like dental chair or room in the studio etc. When the booking limit is reached the corresponding time interval will looks like breaktime at the booking page (and in the admin interface if you haven't set to skip this restrictions for admin). It is possible to limit booking number at the same time generally, and also you can set certain limit for each service separately.

For example, you have 2 providers and 1 room and both of your providers are available at 10.00. 
Each of providers is set up to serve 1 person at a time and totally, 2 people can book service at 10.00. 
But you need to limit that number to 1 person, because only 1 room is available.
You need to enable Limit Bookings Custom Feature and set it to 1. 
In such way, when someone books 10.00, this time will be closed for another provider.

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature on your Custom Features page.
Limit bookings enable path.png

2. Go to its settings if you need to limit number of bookings at a time for the whole system.
Limit bookings settings path.png

3. Indicate the necessary amount in the corresponding box.
Limit bookings system limit v3.png

4. If you need to set the limit for certain service please navigate to Manage//Services(Classes) page, choose More options tab and set the desired number per service/class.
Limit bookings per service v3.png

Line Bot

Line bot.png

The Line Bot custom feature allows your clients to book your services via Line messenger and it also works in Line mobile app. The booking bot connects with your schedule at and guides your client throughout the booking process.

Supports service categories, multiple locations, intake forms, online payments(but taxes are not calculated), client login(but without client address).

Please note:

  • In service/provider/category/location descriptions limited number of symbols can be displayed.
  • In intake forms drop-down options no more than 20 symbols can be displayed.
  • It is not possible to hide images on the booking steps.

How to use
1. Go to admin side, custom features page and enable Line bot custom feature.
Line bot enable path.png

2. Navigate to its settings.
Line bot settings path.png

3. Log in to LINE Developers page and create Provider following the instructions listed there.
Line create new provider.png

4. Then create new channel, adding the necessary details, confirming them and agreeing to LINE Terms of Service and other required options.
Line creat new channel.png

Line create new channel-messaging api.png

5. An application will be created, please click on it to get to the channel credentials.

6. Switch to admin side tab with Line Bot feature settings and copy Callback URL from there.
Line bot settings view.png

7. Add this url to the Webhook URL box in Messaging settings section of LINE Developers channel page.
Line Add calback url.png

8. Enable Use webhooks.
Line enable webhooks.png

9. Issue Channel access token (long-lived) and insert it to feature settings to Access token box.
Line issue access token.png

10. Proceed to Using LINE@ features section and disable auto-replies according to the following example.
Line disable automessages.png

Line autoresponse settings.png

11. Copy Channel ID and Channel secret and insert them to the corresponding settings boxes on side. Save settings.
Line-channel id and secret.png

Line bot settings insert.png

12. After bot is approved from the LINE side your clients will be able to book using it. In the meanwhile you can add testers or try your bot using LINE mobile app.


Membership new icon.png

This Custom feature allows you to have services that only members can book provided they have an active paid membership. This can be applied to a selection or all services, only classes or similar. Here you can check more cases when Membership can be useful.

Check video Youtube-Logo.png tutorial how to set it up.

Demo page with Membership-related classes is available here.

Please note!

How to use
1. To enable this feature please go to Custom Features section using left-side menu of your admin interface, find Membership and click on Enable button or use the switcher.

Membership new enable path.png

2. Navigate to Manage -> Memberships or use Manage button on Custom features page near this feature to add new Membership to your system.
Click on + on the page you see.
Add membership title, set description, upload an image, select the desired duration and decide on the sessions limit included.
The membership can be free or paid so you can set its price.
If you would like to allow the membership to repeat please enable Is recurring option there and set the recurring price (it can be the same or different from the first price).
Please note! Automatic membership renewal can work from client side via Stripe(previous integration) and Adyen payment processors only.
Membership new create.png

3. Don't forget to attach the membership to services/classes to restrict booking to the members only.
Membership new attach to service.png

4. For sure, you will need to notify your clients about the membership purchase or send the information related to its renewal.
To adjust your templates please navigate to Custom features -> Membership -> click on its name on the left to open right-side options and see the list of available notifications:
Membership new notifications.png

You can use the variables to automatically add the corresponding information to each email/SMS notification.
Membership new notifications variables.png

5. (optional) You may need to issue membership to some clients from admin side if they have already paid or you have given them some free period.
You can do that from the same Manage -> Memberships page by clicking on Issue membership button either near the membership name or in the top right corner of membership editing window.
Membership new issue.png

6. (optional) There are several issuing options to choose from:
- you can set membership start date(current date is set by default);
- you can generate an invoice if you need it for accounting purposes;
- you can issue membership without an invoice;
- if you select issuing with the invoice and the membership is recurring it is possible to set manual or automatic recurring mode and set the number of times to repeat for the automatic one,
so that the new invoice will be generated each time the membership is prolonged;
Please note! There will be no charges made by us in relation to your clients' accounts, this option only prolongs the clients' memberships for the new periods.
If you need to charge your clients please do it on your payment processor side.
- as well you can choose several clients at once to issue the membership to.
Membership new issue steps.png

7. When the memberships are purchased or issued there are several places to check the information related:
- Reports -> Membership payments - contains the information of each membership period present in the system(each recurring period will be displayed as a separate row).
You can cancel the specific client's membership here if necessary.
Membership new report.png

- Reports -> Payment transactions -> Invoices - contains all the invoices present in the system, memberships included.
Please note! If you delete the invoice related to some membership purchase the corresponding membership will be canceled.
- Reports -> Payment transactions -> Recurring profiles - shows all membership recurring profiles created either by clients or from admin side.
It allows to cancel recurring profiles(both made by clients and admin) or prolong the recurring memberships issued from admin side only.
Please note! If one and the same client already has the recurring profile for some membership it is not possible to create new recurring profile for the same membership for this client.
You can either cancel current recurring profile and create a new one or issue another membership to this client.
Membership new recurring report prolong.png
Membership new recurring report prolonged profile.png

8. From the client side the clients will see memberships tab on the booking site
with the list of all options you have set as available and the services related will have clickable "Subscription required" labels
that lead to the corresponding membership purchase.
Memberships client side.png

9. (optional) As well you can add custom membership widget to your website if necessary following these instructions.

Multiple Bookings

Multiple booking new icon.png

Allows clients to book more than one service before they check-out and pay for all booking with one payment. This Custom Feature adds "Book and add more" button to the "Details" step on the booking page. This Custom Feature allows clients to book several services on different time or day of the week.

Please note! "Book and add more" button will not be shown if you are using classes timeline on the booking site, if several participants are selected with group booking or if the service is recurring.

How to use
1. Enable Multiple bookings custom feature on your custom features page.
Multiple bookings enable path.png

2. You can edit notification templates related in the Settings("Notifications" button) section.
Multiple bookings settings path.png
Multiple bookings notifications.png

3. Here is how it will look like on the client side in one of the themes.
Book and add more v3.png

Multiple Locations

Unit location new icon.png

Allows creating multiple service locations and relating them with different service providers (staff members). Locations will be shown as the first step on the booking site.

Here you can see the example of client view:
Locations booking page view.png

How to use

1. Enable Multiple Locations custom feature in Custom Feature section//Adding more to booking website.

Multiple locations enable path.png

2. Add locations either in the settings of the Custom Feature or in Manage//Service Providers//Add location.

Create new location item v3.png

3. Click on "Location providers" tab for corresponding location and check necessary boxes to connect service providers with location.

Attach providers to locations v3.png

4. (Optional) In Settings // General settings // Email and SMS settings insert the following variables into your email templates:

Add location variables to templates.png

[location] - value of field "Location name"
[location_address] - value of field "Location address"
[location_phone] - value of field "Location phone"

How to set schedule for location?

You can set individual schedule for the provider and then relate provider to the location. Thus working hours of the provider related to location will automatically apply to location.

1. To set individual schedule for provider go to Settings//Service providers//Working hours, or to Manage//Service Providers//Service providers schedule and you can set opening hours, break times, and special days for this specific employees. Just take care that opening hours of employees must be within opening hours of company.
2. To relate provider and location go to Manage//Service Providers//Service provider's locations and check the boxes with location(s) provider should be related to.

How can I relate service to location.

Locations can be related only to service providers, thus if you need to relate service to the particular location, you need initially to relate this service to the service provider:

1. In Manage//Service Providers//Services, attached to this service provider check the boxes with services related to this provider.
2. In Manage//Service Providers//Service provider's locations and check the boxes with location(s) provider should be related to.


News new icon.png

Give your website a fresh life by managing news on your main page in our booking system. You can publish news or blog on your booking website to keep your customers up to date with what’s happening in the business.

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature on your Custom Features page, Adding more to the Booking Website section.
News enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" near this option.
News settings path.png

3. Create the posts on the page you see by clicking on "+" button.
Add new news item v3 updated.png


Packages icon.png

With the Packages custom feature you can create a package of multiple services, or, if you also sell additional items, combine services with products, add-ons, and classes. Clients can buy packages on your booking page or with’s POS feature. Each package can be defined with any number of services and products, and you can set the validity to any period available. Once clients have purchased a package, they can book a service at any time paying with their package credits. They can always check how many occurrences are left within each package.

Please note, as soon as you turn this custom feature on, Client login and Accept Payments features will be enabled as well.

Video tutorial available here

How to use
1. To switch this custom feature on, please navigate to your Custom Features page, go to “Other” section and click on “Enable”
Packages enable path.png
M packages enable path.png

2. Then choose “Settings” option.
Packages settings path.png
M packages settings path.png

3. Just click on “+” button to create a new package. The form will appear on the right side of the page.
Create new package.png
M create new package.png

4. Insert package name, add a description (you can even use HTML formatting for a better look) and image. At this point you can also set the package price: you can specify the cost (if you want to make a discount, for example) or skip price box to later keep the total cost of all the elements included.
Please note, it is not possible to create a package without setting a price.
Add new package details.png
M add new package details.png

5. Define the validity period of the package and set the number of sets available (unlimited by default).
Package duration and limit.png
M package duration and limit.png

6. Proceed to adding services, products and add-ons to the package. You will see three corresponding sections below.
Package items possibilities.png
M package items possibilities.png

7. Please select “Services” section, check the boxes with the necessary items and set the quantity that will be available for booking.
Add items to the package.png
M add items to the package.png

8. If you are using Products for sale and/or Service Add-ons features simply select the corresponding tabs and add elements the same way.
Add items to the package2.png
M add items to the package2.png

9. After you have added all the options and if you have not set a package price yet, get back to the “Details” tab and use “Calculate price” button to make the system automatically sum up all the elements prices for you.
Autocalculate the price.png
M autocalculate the price.png

10. Now you can click on “Save and go purchase package” to issue it to certain customers or simply save everything and allow your clients to buy this package on your booking site.
Saving the package options.png
M saving the package options.png

If you assign a package from admin side the client will not receive any notification.
If the customer buys a package on the booking site he/she will receive the invoice like with the regular booking.

11. Go to Reports//Packages to check packages order history, customer data, as well as the number of remaining items.
Use filters for more extensive analysis.
Package reports.png
M package reports.png

The use of Packages within the POS feature
1. Make sure you have enabled POS custom feature.
Pos enabled view.png
M pos enabled view.png

2. Go to POS interface, click on “New sale” button.
Pos new sale.png
M pos new sale.png

3. Select the client on the right side of the page to make the "Package" button active.
Sell package step1.png
M sell package step1.png

4. Pick the item and define the start date. End date will be automatically set based on the package duration after you save the selection.
Sell package step2.png
M sell package step2.png

Please note, if the package is hidden from the booking page it will be still available within POS interface as it is part of admin side visible to POS user.

5. Proceed to checkout after you have added all the necessary services/products/add-ons/memberships/gift cards to the cart.
Sell package step3.png
M sell package step3.png

6. You may have a client who has already purchased a package before and wants to use it.
Then you will be able to click on “Use packages” button so that the items selected will be fully or partially paid with this set during the checkout.
Use package during checkout.png
M use package during checkout.png

Booking site operation
1. The clients will be able to navigate to the “Packages” tab on your booking site.
Please note, the client must be logged in to see his/her purchases.
Client side packages available.png
M client side packages available.png

2. They will find a suitable set, choose a start date and buy the package.
Client side packages - buy.png
M client side packages - buy.png

(if they select “pay later” option during checkout you will need to approve their purchase from admin side first. Then they will be able to book/buy the items included)

3. When the client has already the purchased package and books the separate services/products/add-ons, he/she will be able to cover those items with his packages’ credits (if included in packages) or pay for them in a regular way.
Client side packages - payment step.png
M client side packages - payment step.png

Client side packages - confirmation-invoice.png
M client side packages - confirmation-invoice.png

Password Security Settings

Strict password icon.png

The Password security settings Custom Feature allows to define password requirements for system users and clients. This can further harden the system for possible intrusion. Just in few steps you can make your system more secure!

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable Password Security Settings option on yur Custom Features page.
Password security settings enable path free.png

2. Click on "Settings" button that will appear near it.
Password security settings settings path free.png

3. Now you can set requirements for password for your system users in the left-side block.
User password settings block.png

4. (is skipped if you are already using Client Login Custom Feature) If you wish your clients to be able to log in securely please enable Client Login option there.
Enable client login settings.png

5. Set up password requirements for your clients in the right-side block and save settings.
Client password settings block.png

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery new icon.png

With Photo Gallery custom feature you can upload the photos of your services to attract more clients. Simply browse photos and they will appear on your booking page.

How to use
1. Enable Photo gallery option on your Custom Features page.
Photo gallery enable path.png

2. Click on "Settings" near it.
Photo gallery settings path.png

3. Upload the images on the page you see, add descriptions if necessary and they will appear in the separate tab on the booking site.
Photo gallery settings.png

Point of Sale

Pos icon.png

Point of Sale Custom Feature allows system users to create and track sales of bookings, and to sell memberships, products and gift certificates to existing or new clients. You can check client's history of purchases, approve pending transactions and print invoices. All in the neat mobile friendly interface!

Please note! Accept Payments Custom Feature will be enabled as well when you switch PoS feature on.

Video tutorial available here.

How to use
1. Enable Point of Sale Custom Feature on your Custom Features page, “Other” section.
Pos enable path.png

2. Click on “Go to POS” near this feature or in top right corner of your admin interface.
Pos settings path.png

3. You will see sale start page. (If you need to return here at some point please use “Home” icon in the top left corner.)
Pos start page.png

4. By default guest client is selected, but you can select a client from already existing ones in your system.
Pos select client.png

5. Or add new client directly from POS interface.
Add new client from pos.png

6. Select “New Sale” option to sell service/membership/product/add-on.
New sale.png

Select sale option.png

7. If you have selected service option new booking will be created. Please choose which service/class, provider, date and time do you wish to book. Add product(s), add-on(s) if necessary and click on “Save”.
Pos new booking.png

8. On the next step you can add more options to the cart(left side of the page) or confirm all the selections by clicking on the “Checkout button”(right side of the page).
Pos checkout.png

9. Select payment method to confirm the order.
Choose payment method.png

10. If you have chosen “Credit card/Wire transfer/Cash” the order will be automatically confirmed meaning that you have received the money using the options mentioned.
If you have selected “Pay later” the order will be displayed as “pending”. You will be able to click on “Checkout” once more and select another payment method to confirm such order.
Pos received payment.png

Pos pay later.png

11. You can go to “Home” page and use filters to see today/upcoming/expired/non-booking/pending/paid, etc. orders. It is possible to click on the order to see the details/print the invoice.
Pos report.png

Products for Sale


When your clients are booking the services they will be offered to add relevant products to their purchase. Someone buying a haircut could for example be offered to buy hair gel at the same time.
Use this to your advantage to sell more!

Please note! This custom feature cannot be used without Accept Payments custom feature, that is why this option will be automatically enabled as soon as you switch on "Products for sale".

How to use:

1. To enable this option please go to your Custom Features page and click on “Enable” near “Products for sale” option.
Products for sale enable path.png

2. Click on “Settings” button that will appear there or select Manage// Products for sale section and you will get to a page where you will be able to create all necessary products.
Products for sale settings path.png

3. Click on “+” icon to create new product, set its name, image, description if necessary and price.
Please note! It is not possible to create free products, each of them needs to have some price added.
Create new product for sale.png

4. To relate the product with particular service(s) please use “Connected services” tab and check the boxes with desired services/classes.
Attach product to service.png

5. You can also make product to be selected by default on the booking page and set default amount that will be displayed to clients.
Please note! The clients will be able to adjust amount to their needs on the booking site or uncheck this product.
Products for sale default quantity.png

Here you can see how the products can look like on the booking page:

Products booking page view.png

Correlation with other custom features:
1- Rewards and Referrals. Rewards and Referrals discounts are working for services prices only and not applied to products prices. If you'd like to set up discounts for products, please use Coupons and Gift Cards Custom Feature instead.
2- Group Bookings. Number of items is multiplied to number of participants selected.
3- Multiple bookings. Products are selected separately for each booking.

Can I add the items that clients has selected to notification templates?
Sure, just add [products] variable to all necessary templates in Settings//Email and SMS settings and the list of products will be included to corresponding notifications

Add products to notification emails.png

Provider's Color Coding

Provider color new icon.png

Some users like to simplify the dashboard view by having providers with certain colors. With this Custom Feature, you can give each of your providers their own color so when you quickly glance over the dashboard, it can be easily seen what bookings belong to each provider.

Please note, if you use Status Custom Feature, it has higher priority than Provider's Color Coding Custom Feature. Therefore, colors of the booking statuses will be displayed.

How to use
1. Enable this option on your Custom Features page.
Provider color coding enable path.png

2. In Manage//Providers//More options//assign color to each provider to make them easily distinguished in the calendar.
Provider color coding-select color.png

3. As the result you will see bookings in corresponding colors on your Calendar page.
Provider color coding-booking view.png

Related Resources

Resources icon.png

Connect equipment, rooms or anything else that is limited in quantity to a service. Different resources can be connected to the same service when needed.

How to use
1. Enable Related Resources feature on your custom features page.
Resources enable path.png

2. Select Manage option or navigate to Manage -> Related resources using left-side menu
Resources settings path.png

3. Create resources group(s) depending on your needs using + icon there.
You can select between:
  • Same number as clients type - with this group all the resources you attach to a service will be required for each booking. If the number of resources is not enough for a certain timeslot, it will not be displayed on the booking site. This type may be useful when some limited equipment is required to perform the service.
  • Only one type - with this group it is possible to accept multiple bookings per timeslot(it will depend on the number of clients set per provider and/or limit bookings feature settings). It can be used for a room reservation for classes as if, for example, you have one room but two classes so that one class should become unavailable if another one gets a booking. In this case, the clients will continue making bookings for this another class according to the number of spaces you have indicated for it.
Create resource group.png

4. It is important to attach resources to services/classes so that they will influence the booking process. Otherwise, the resources will not add any restrictions and will not be used.
Attach resource to service.png

5. If you got more resources of a certain type you can add items to the particular resource group.
Add one more resource to a group.png

6. In case you have less items in your inventory than it was created initially you can remove unnecessary ones from the group using mass actions.
If certain service was connected to resource that was deleted such service may become unavailable on the booking site.
In this case you need to update its relations towards other resources present in the system.
Remove unnecessary resources.png

7. The clients do not select the resource during the booking process, it is allocated by the system automatically depending on the service and provider selection.
You can view the resource used for the appointment from the admin side in each booking or in exported .xls file from Reports -> Booking details.
View resource info in booking.png

Rewards and Referrals


Send promotions to your clients with Rewards and Referrals custom feature! Reward your clients for telling others about your company promotions. You can get the advantage of both rewards and discounts. Use this to get more clients all year long and especially during low season as well as promote your business. Customize your promotions with defined dates, messages and codes.

Please note that
  • this feature is available with Standard and Premium subscriptions only(former Advanced, Gold and Platinum);
  • Rewards functionality temporarily does not work;
  • this feature is not compatible with Coupons and Gift Cards feature yet.

How to use.
1. Enable Rewards and Referrals Custom Feature.
Rewards and referrals enable path.png

2. In left-side menu go to Manage//Promotions and create new promotion
Create new promotion path.png

3. On the first step indicate:
  • your discount in %;
  • is this promotion related to specific service or all services;
  • who can claim the deal (all clients or new clients only);
  • how many times the code can be used;
  • how many times each client can use this promotion;
  • edit texts of your deal if necessary;
  • proceed to the next step.
Create new promotion - step 1.png

4. On the second step decide whether you will offer a reward for sharing your promotion. This step is very important because it can help you to easily get more clients.
  • write what reward you offer;
  • indicate the number of times client should share promotion to receive the reward;
  • how many times 1 client can claim the reward;
  • insert reward picture;
  • check "send email" if you want clients to receive an email about being rewarded and adjust the email text if necessary;
  • adjust the texts of reward;
  • proceed to the next step.
Create new promotion - step 2.png

5. On the third step enter the details of your campaign
  • change the promotion code if needed;
  • add campaign image;
  • add dates that clients can book using this promotion;
  • add period when they can redeem the code;
  • set time limitation if needed;
  • proceed to the next step.
Create new promotion - step 3.png

6. On the fourth step announce your promotion
  • get the link of the deal to share with your clients;
  • choose how to notify your clients, by email or sms (please change the text of email or sms (1 sms 70 symbols in unicode, 140 plain English text without special characters));
  • configure whom you will send the deal, to clients who booked/did not book, use filters by service, provider, dates;
  • select clients and send the promotion (or save it without sending).
Create new promotion - step 4.png

Service Add-ons

Paid attributes.png

You can create add-ons for selected services. These add-ons do not influence service duration, but the service becomes more expensive. An example would be a massage, whereas the client could choose to add the luxury oil that costs more during massage.
Use this to your advantage to sell more!

Please note! This custom feature cannot be used without Accept Payments custom feature, that is why this option will be automatically enabled as soon as you enable "Service Add-ons".

How to use:

1. To enable this option please go to your Custom Features page and click on “Enable” near “Service Add-ons” option.
Service add-ons enable path.png

2. Click on “Settings” button that will appear there or select Manage// Service Add-ons section and you will get to a page where you will be able to create all necessary items.
Service add-ons settings path.png

3. Click on “+” icon to create new add-on, set its name and price.
Please note! It is not possible to create free add-ons, each of them needs to have price added.
Create new service add-on v3.png

4. To relate the add-on with particular service(s) please use “Connected services” tab and check the boxes with desired services/classes.
Connect service add-on to services.png

5. You can also make add-on to be selected by default on the booking page
Please note! The clients will be able to to uncheck this item if they wish to on the booking page.
Selected add-on.png

Here you can see how the add-ons can look like on the booking page:

Add-ons booking page view.png

Correlation with other custom features:
1- Rewards and Referrals. Discounts are not applied to add-ons prices. Please use Coupons and Gift Cards feature instead.
2- Group Bookings. Number of items is multiplied to number of participants selected.
3- Multiple bookings. Add-ons are selected separately for each booking.

Can I add the items that clients has selected to notification templates?
Sure, just add [attributes] variable to all necessary templates in Settings//Email and SMS settings and the list of products will be included to corresponding notifications

Add add-ons list to emails.png

Service Categories

Service category new icon.png

With the help of this Custom Feature you can create categories and group your services to make it easier and faster for your clients to find the necessary service.

How to use
1. Enable Service Categories custom feature in the Custom Feature section//Adding more to booking page.
Service categories enable path.png

2. In Manage//Services click on "+" and choose "Add category" to create all necessary categories. Insert title, picture, description and assign services to category.
Create new category v3.png

3. Click on "Category details" tab of the category to edit any information. To connect services please choose "Category services" tab and check corresponding boxes.
Attach service to category.png

4. Here you can see how categories can look like on the booking page using one of the themes avilable.
Categories booking page view.png

SMS Gateway


Use the SMS Gateway custom feature to use your own SMS gateway (Twilio, Nexmo or BulkSMS available only) and use your own phone number as sender number. If you use this feature, you pay the gateway directly saving around 20% to 30% compared to when you buy credits.

IMPORTANT! Setting this up requires some technical knowledge and the team can not help with account creation at the SMS gateway providers.

How to use

1. Enable Sms Gateway Custom feature in Custom features//Other section at one-time activation fee.
Sms gateway enable path.png

2. Create an account with one of available sms gateways: Nexmo, Twilio or BulkSMS if you do not have one yet.
3. Click on “Settings” near “SMS Gateway” custom feature.
Sms gateway settings path.png

4. On the next step please select the sms provider from “SMS Gateway” drop down and add corresponding settings on the right side of the page.

Sms gateway options.png

5. Save settings and it is all done!

Please note! If this custom feature is enabled and set correctly you do not need to purchase sms credits from our side.
You will be able to see sms being sent from the system in Reports//Sms report with 0 as credits amount in this case.

Sms credits are charged from my account:

- SMS Gateway Custom Feature is not enabled
- SMS Gateway processor settings are not added.

Sms are not sent from the system

- SMS Gateway settings are not added correctly.
- There is no sms credits on your balance.


Smtp new icon.png

It allows you to use your own SMTP server so all emails sent from the system on your behalf, come from your own email address.

How to use.
1. You can enable this Custom Feature in your Custom Feature section
Smtp enable path.png

2. Go to its settings.
Smtp settings path.png

3. And set your SMTP server details in Custom Feature settings.
Smtp settings v3.png

Remark that if you have a gmail address or g-suite email, you can send up to 1.000 emails per day through that address.

How to store a copy of outgoing emails in your Gmail:

1. You need to log into your Gmail or Google Apps email Settings and Click on the Forwarding/IMAP tab and scroll down to the IMAP Access section.

2. Please set the IMAP as enabled in order for emails to be properly copied to your sent folder.

For added security, you can setup double authentication for the email that you plan to use.
Here you can check instructions how to use application password for double-step authentication.

If you send more than 1.000 notifications/promotions per day, you can look at other smtp services like,,, or

Please check video tutorial here.



This feature allows you to insert time stamped record with 4 text fields that stays with client data in patient format. SOAP notes are a style of documentation that medical professionals, such as nurses, therapists, athletic trainers, counsellors, and doctors, use to record information about patients. The acronym stands for subjective, objective, assessment and plan.

How to use

1. Enable in Custom features//Business enhancements.
Soap enable path v3.png

2. Now you can go to Manage//Clients, click on Edit button, choose SOAP info tab and add necessary information there.
Add soap info to client.png

Or you can add SOAP information from the booking directly by selecting “Client” tab and clicking on “Add SOAP info” button.
As well this option allows you to add some medical history in separate tab if necessary.

Add soap info to client from booking.png

3. And now you can check and/or update comments related to particular client in Manage//Clients//Edit//SOAP info history.
Check soap info history v3.png

Or in booking related to this client in “Client” tab.
This feature also allows you to check the records added previously either in booking in Calendar or in client record in Manage//Clients//Edit.

Please note, the information you add there is not seen from client side and is for internal use. As well this information is not exported from the system in Reports.

SOAP with Encryption

Client soap crypt.png

Need patient information to be more securely stored? SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) with data encryption feature allows to insert time-stamped record with 4 encrypted text fields that stay with client data. Sensitive medical data of your clients will be secured with RSA 4096.

How to use

1. Make sure that you have simple SOAP custom feature disabled(as they are not compatible)
2. Then please go to Custom features page using the left-side menu of your admin interface, use searchbox at the top or choose “Other” category.
And click on “Enable” near “SOAP with data encryption” option.
Soap enable path.png

3. Please choose “Settings” near it to generate the keys and setup encryption following the instructions on the right side of the page.
Soap settings path.png
Soap settings page.png

Please check more detailed tutorial and usage cases here


Ssl new icon.png

Make all client's connections with the server through a secure layer.
It is important to have it enabled for some payment processors and widgets.

Free custom feature!

How to use
Just enable it on your Custom features page and you are done!
Ssl enable path free.png


Status new icon.png

If you have a company with many providers, and a service desk accepting clients you can add status possibility to events to see the status. This is for example used to mark appointment with one status as "client has arrived", and then another as "Client has left and paid" whatever suits your needs.

Please note, if you use Provider's Color Coding custom feature, Status custom feature has higher priority than Provider's Color Coding. Therefore, colors of the booking statuses will be displayed.

How to use
1. Activate this custom feature in the Custom Features section//Booking related.
Status enable path.png

2. Go to the settings of this custom feature
Status settings path.png

3. Press "+" to add new status.
Insert "Name", "Description" and assign the color to this status. If you leave the switcher "Status by default" on, status will automatically apply to all new bookings.
Create statuses v3.png

Take Me Back Home

Take me back home new icon.png

The Take Me Back Home Custom Feature, allows you to bring clients back to your home page or selected URL after a booking has been performed on the booking page. Clients can press a link or they will be brought back to your homepage after 10 seconds by a redirect script.

Please note! This feature is not compatible with Kiosk custom feature.

Take me back home new theme.png

How to use
1. Enable Take Me Back Home in the Custom Features section//Look and Feel.
Take me back home enable path.png

2. Go to its settings.
Take me back home settings path.png

3. Insert the link where you want your clients to be redirected, write a text for this link.
Also insert the link where you want your clients to be redirected for mobile version and add text for this link.
4. Enable or leave disabled "Enable auto redirect to your site". If enabled, it will redirect your clients automatically to the page you indicated in the "link to your website" filed in 10 seconds.
5. Write auto redirect text that will be displayed in case the option "Enable auto redirect to your site" is enabled(please note! do not change "%s" part for correct timer work).
Take me back home settings v3.png

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions new icon.png

If you want your business to be bulletproof then this Custom Feature is a MUST. Use it to create and manage terms & conditions for your company towards your clients. The text inserted in the Custom Feature will be displayed on the "Details" page above the "Book Now" button or on sign up step if you are using Client login feature as a checkbox with text "I agree with -your company name- Terms & Conditions" and the clients will need to agree to it to be able to book your services

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable this feature on your Custom Features page.
Terms and conditions enable path free.png

2. Go to its settings to add your Terms and Conditions.
Terms and conditions settings path free.png

3. Add your text. You can use HTML formatting there to adjust the look.
Terms and conditions settings v3 new.png

Visitor Counter

Visitor counter new icon.png

Use Visitor Counter Custom Feature to get up-to-date information about visits to your booking website or to the page with your booking widget. This Custom Feature will help you to evaluate the visits and bookings and can help you to decide if you should do promotions to get more visitors and potential clients. You will see all this information in the main Dashboard of the system.

How to use
1. Enable this option on your custom Features page.
Visitor counter enable path.png

2. Check the chart on Dashboard page for updates.
Visitor counter upd.png

Voice Bookings

Voice booking.png

iBOB is an intelligent Booking Oriented Bot that answers your phone, accepts bookings from your clients 24/7 and redirects calls to you if clients asks for it, or if iBOB has problems understanding your client. You need iBOB credits to use iBOB as your personal assistant. iBOB is very fair, and does not charge much for his services. His services cost from only $2/month for a local phone number and 0,12 cents per incoming call minute.

Please note! Not all the countries have available phone numbers. Please contact support to check before voice credits purchase.

How to use
1. Enable “iBOB - Your intelligent voice assistant” custom feature on your Custom features page.
Ibob enable path.png

2. Go to Plans&Prices//Additional items to buy voice credits.
Ibob buy voice credits.png

3. Go to Manage//Voice bookings or just click on Settings near this custom feature.
Ibob settings path.png

3. To add new phone number please click on “+” icon, select your country and phone type.
Ibob buy phone number.png

4. Buy phone number from the list you see(there are also the prices per month and per minute). It will be the number for your clients to dial to make bookings.
Ibob buy phone number - step4.png

5. When the number is purchased you can set the voice, choose transcription language, add your greeting message that the clients will hear at the beginning of the call. As well you can add there a number to contact you if necessary.

Please note! If the bot does not get the information said by client, the client will be redirected to this “Company redirect phone number” if it is added.
Ibob setup number.png

7. All is set. You can give your clients the number set according to the steps above and iBob will help them to book your services.

Additional option – you can set predefined location/category/service/provider per phone number and the clients will book that option exactly.

Ibob predefined options.png

To check the calls made to your voice bot please use Reports//Voice bookings section.

Ibob reports overview.png

Zapier Connector

Zapier icon.png

Connect with hundreds of other solutions using this feature. It contains a variety of triggers that can be used to send information to other solutions by simply using one of the available zaps or by creating a new zap. Zapier allows to integrate 2 or more web-applications via their APIs through “triggers” and “actions”. is available in Zapier as Trigger app, it means only information from is sent to Zapier (1-way integration) and via Zapier to any app that has actions.

Please note!

  • Available data depends on custom features enabled;
  • It doesn't work if 2-step authentication is enabled (HIPAA or Google Authenticator);
  • New client trigger doesn't work with Import clients feature, but works correctly if 1 client is added manually in admin interface;
  • Information about membership/promotion/package/product used is not included as it relates to invoice and not to booking;
  • Comment change doesn't launch any trigger;
  • To be able to use Booking change/Booking cancellation triggers in order to change existing records in Action app you need to use Premium Zapier account, as Search step is needed to find the record in action app;
  • If more items are added to admin interface after ZAP was created, you need to press "Get more samples" button at "Trigger step" -> "Test this step" in Zapier to fetch new available fields and data (zap template should be changed);
  • Invoice data is not sent;
  • SOAP data is not sent;
  • Tax information is not sent, service price is shown without taxes added;
  • It doesn't work if both Accept payments and Approve bookings are enabled, and batch bookings are partially approved.

6 triggers are now available:
New booking - launches when new booking is created in account;
Booking change - launches when booking is changed (change of date/time/service/provider/status/intake forms answers);
Booking cancellation - launches upon booking cancellation;
New client - launches when new client is added, either upon a new booking, or when admin manually adds client in admin interface.
New Offer - launches when any new offer is created on side (can be used when Accept payments custom feature is enabled).
New Invoice - launches when new invoice is created and paid on side (can be used when Accept payments custom feature is enabled).

Available data:

For booking-related triggers(New booking, Booking change, Booking cancellation):
Basic functionality (no custom features enabled):

  • Company (login, name, email, phone),
  • Service (name, description, duration, buffer time),
  • Provider (name, description, email, phone),
  • Client information (name, email, phone, address, timezone),
  • Booking code (if booking is confirmed, start/end date/time).

Custom features related data:

For New client trigger:

  • Client ID;
  • Client name;
  • Client email;
  • Client phone;
  • Client address;
  • If client is blocked to login (if Client login custom feature is enabled);
  • Client registration date.

For New Offer/Invoice triggers:

  • Order ID;
  • Client name / email / phone;
  • Offer/Invoice description (list of items ordered, information about discount: gift card/coupon/package used);
  • Order amount and currency;
  • Discount amount;
  • Order date and time;
  • Offer/Invoice number in system (O-XXXXXX or I-XXXXXX);
  • Payment processor (delay, cash, credit card, wire transfer);
  • Payment status (paid, pending) and if payment is received.

How to use
1. Enable Zapier connector custom feature on your Custom features page on side.
Zapir connector enable path.png

2. Create new Zap by clicking on Make a Zap button in Zapier interface.
Make a zap button.png

3. Look for Simplybook in Trigger step.
Zapier select trigger app.png

4. Select the desirable trigger.
Select trigger.png

5. Connect account.
Connect sbm account v2.png

6. Click Continue to test this step.
Test trigger step.png

7. Proceed to adding the Action step and search for the app you wish to connect to.
Add action step.png

8. Connect this application account and setup the template using the available data mentioned above.

9. You can test this step operation as well if necessary or skip it.

10. Finish the setup, add Zap name and turn it on.
Zap name and on.png