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Seats left icon.png

Show how many seats are left when you accept multiple clients per slot, such as for classes and events. You can also choose to show the total number of seats as well as number of seats left. This works for the following selected timelines; Modern, Slots weekly, Daily and Weekly classes timelines.

Please note!

  • This feature is not compatible with Limit Bookings;
  • Works for the following timelines only: slots weekly, modern, weekly and daily classes, modern provider.

How to use
1. Enable Display of Seats Left in your Custom Features section.
Seats left enable path.png

2. (optional) Enable the corresponding option to display the total of spaces along with the ones left.
Seats left show total.png

3. As the result the clients will be able to see the number of spaces left per each timeslot(and total if "Show the total number of seats per slot" is enabled).
Seats left show on slots.png