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Go Daddy

Godaddy-logo (2).png

1. In your Simplybook admin page get the code in Settings -> Bookings on Webpage or Facebook -> Booking button widget for your website -> Get widget code.
Create iframe widget.png

2. In GoDaddy system, Log in to your account and go to website editing.
3. Click on Pages&Sections.
Go daddy pages new.png

4. Select Manage Pages option.
Go daddy manage pages.png

5. From the pages menu, select the page you want to modify or add a new one.
Go daddy add page new.png

6. On page details add page title, set appearance options to your taste and create the page.
Go daddy page details.png

7. Proceed to adding a section.
Go daddy add section.png

8. Select to add HTML block from the side menu.
Go daddy add html.png

9. Paste the code that you have previously copied from interface to the corresponding box.
Go daddy paste code.png

10. Check the preview and publish the changes.
Go daddy preview.png