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Google Business custom feature

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Easily increase your business visibility on the Internet via the Google My Business feature. It does not cost anything but increases visibility in search as well as makes your business visible on Google maps.

Free custom feature!


Google Business

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature on your Custom Features page.

2. Navigate to Settings to create Google Business account if you do not have one yet, or connect already existing Google Business account.

3. Give the necessary permissions so that it will be possible to see and edit your location(s) in

4. If you already have some locations in Google Business you will be able to see them on the left side of the page.

5. Just click on one of them if you need to make some edits and enable the option Update address in the profile, make the necessary changes and re-save the location for the information to be updated on Google side

or choose + option to add a new business address.

6. After you have added the address, click on Save and Close and you will have the possibility to proceed to the business location verification on Google side(it may take some time).
You can also close the pop-up and get back to the verification step later(there will be Verify now button for each saved and synced business location).
As soon as your location is verified by Google(you will see the verification process steps while following Google instuctions) your business will appear in search and on Google Maps.

7. When you save the location the following information is passed to Google about your company:
  • business location title;
  • company working hours;
  • company phone number;
  • booking site link;
  • business category(as Google categories differ the best matching one will be found).

Please note, if you have changed some of these details in your account you will need to re-save the business location in Google Business feature settings for the details to be updated on Google side.

8. You can also edit your business location details on Google side if necessary. Simply click on Edit on GMB button at the top(appears for saved and synced locations).

9. If some location(s) become not relevant for your business anymore you can easily delete them in this feature settings. Just click on Delete on GMB option.

Reserve with Google


Add a Book online button to your Google Business listing. Allow your clients to find you easily on Google and book your services right there via Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant, powered by the booking system.

Please note!:
  • Reserve with Google is currently available only for: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany;
  • Currently it is not possible to use this option for the following business categories: medical center, educational institution, government office, engineer, medical clinic, dentist, medical office, education center, event management company, city administration, embassy, general practice attorney, child care agency, university, college, school, library, financial institution.
  • It is required to have Accept Payments custom feature enabled (with Pay later (Allow delay payment) option On) and prices should be added for all the services/classes you wish to be displayed and bookable through Google Maps;
  • If you are using Intake forms feature there should be no mandatory forms added to the services you wish to be available for booking;
  • If a service is recurring or connected to Membership it will not be displayed in Reserve with Google;
  • If you are using outdated Google Calendar Sync custom feature it will not be possible to use Reserve with Google.

How to use
1. Add and verify your Google Business location(s) either via platform(previous part of this tutorial) or using your Google Business interface and re-save it(them) in Google Business custom feature settings.

2. Navigate to Reserve on google maps tab and move the switcher Synchronization with Reserve with Google to an active position.

2. (optional) If you use Multiple Locations custom feature, connect your Google Businesses to desired locations.
Please note! It is possible to connect one location to one Google Business.
If you do not use Multiple Locations your main company location can be connected to one Google Business.

3. Save settings. Now the sync takes place and after you reload the page it will be possible to see the list of services that will be passed to Reserve with Google for booking.
By default we gather all the information and pass the update to Google once a day, but you can use Update info button to prepare the information for transfer manually if any settings changes in your account(for example, if you have created new service) were made.