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Group Bookings custom feature


Group booking new icon.png

Group bookings is useful when you need your customers to be able to book appointment or reservation for many individuals at the same time. This Custom Feature creates a selection menu with the number of participants in the group. With this Custom Feature you can also use payment custom feature at the same time so that the total payment for all participants will be paid in one payment at time of check-out even though only the group leader/organizer is registered. If you are using Products for Sale or Service Add-Ons features, number of items will also be multiplied to the number of participants selected.

How to use
1. Make sure that the Service provider is set able to accept X many clients at same time(or more depending on your needs). For this go Manage//Service Providers//select necessary provider//Service provider details//How many clients can this provider serve at same time? and set the X number of clients.
Number of clients per provider.png

2. Activate Group Bookings custom feature on your Custom features page
Group bookings enable path.png

3. Go to its settings("Notifications" button)
Group bookings settings path.png

4. Here you can specify how many people can be booked in same booking, by same client and edit notification templates related to this feature.
Group bookings settings v3.png

How will it look like on the booking page:

The clients will be able to use the arrows to choose the number of participants(the look may differ depending on the theme you have).
Group bookings client view.png