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HIPAA custom feature

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Available with Standard and Premium(former Gold and Platinum) subscriptions.

The personal information custom feature is designed to help users to protect their client's and patient's data. It does not replace user's own security procedures but enhances data security by using double authentication during login process for all users who access the system (users need to register their mobile phone number to receive authentication code SMS(you need SMS credits for this) or connect Google Authenticator using corresponding custom feature). This custom feature includes a “Timeout” setting which automatically logs user out to reduce the risk of unauthorized users accessing the system.
The system blocks all access for SimplyBook support personnel further reducing access by unrelated people to the system. It is possible to further reduce exposure of personal information to unauthorized people by using the Clean History custom feature. This way old data gets deleted and is therefore not accessible.

Please note!

  • This custom feature does NOT replace the user's own security controls which also need to be in place for client and patient data protection. Please refer to relevant documentation in your country and get assistance from qualified advisors in the field of client/patient data protection.
  • [service] and [client] variables in notification templates do not work when this Custom Feature is enabled due to security reasons.
  • It is not possible to connect the account to Zapier if you are using HIPAA feature.

How to use
1. Enable HIPAA features on your Custom Features page.
When you enable this feature SSL custom feature and Google Authenticator will be enabled as well to add security to client side.
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2. Go to its settings to set timeout period and email address to be notified about new log ins.
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3. Validate main admin phone number.

How to validate phone number
1. After you enabled HIPAA Custom Feature press "validate admin phone number" in alert message you see at the top of your admin page.
2. You will be transferred to Manage//Users page. Select main admin user, insert the phone and press "Generate a check-code to validate phone".
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3. You will receive sms with the code, enter the code into the "Validation code" field and press "Confirm the check-code".
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4. Get a success message that the code is confirmed.
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