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HTML button

Sometimes, websites ( in particular) do not support inserting HTML Javascript code we use for our iFrame and button widgets. Then it can be useful to use a simple HTML button code to get your clients attention to go to your booking site at and make the appointment. Here is a simple code you can insert on your site or into your emails to link to your booking site at

<a href="//" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Booking button" width="200" height="200"></a>

Now let’s look at the code closer and see its components and how it can be adjusted to your company.

What you can change:

1. – it is the link to your booking page. It can be found when you press “My booking website” in the upper right corner of your admin page. You need to insert your company name instead of “image”.
2. – this is the link to the image of “Book now” button. You can choose the image that suits your website design.
3. alt=”Booking button” – this is the alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. You can change the text “Booking button” to “Book now”, “Book here”, etc.
4. width=”200″ height=”200″ You can insert custom size of the image with the help of these functions.
5. Please note that all the other signs, symbols and spaces are very important for the proper functioning of the code.

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