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Password Security Settings custom feature


Strict password icon.png

The Password security settings Custom Feature allows to define password requirements for system users and clients. This can further harden the system for possible intrusion. Just in few steps you can make your system more secure!

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable Password Security Settings option on yur Custom Features page.
Password security settings enable path free.png

2. Click on "Settings" button that will appear near it.
Password security settings settings path free.png

3. Now you can set requirements for password for your system users in the left-side block.
User password settings block.png

4. (is skipped if you are already using Client Login Custom Feature) If you wish your clients to be able to log in securely please enable Client Login option there.
Enable client login settings.png

5. Set up password requirements for your clients in the right-side block and save settings.
Client password settings block.png