Quest rooms


Simplybook is a perfect online booking system for quest and escape rooms of various types. It allows clients to choose the room and book specific time when the game will take place. Clients can leave feedback on the company booking page after the follow up email. In order to use efficiently we recommend the following setup:

1. Create service as game with corresponding duration in Manage // Services // "+". Use Manage // Services // Time details to edit service duration.
Quest service v3.png

2. Make providers as rooms. In Manage // Service Providers // "+" to add new service provider - create the number of providers equal to the rooms you have.
Quest create providers.png

3. Make sure that each provider can serve 1 client at a time.
Quest number of clients.png

4. You can also set specific availability for that room by clicking on "Customize time settings for this provider" on "Service provider schedule" tab in Manage // Service Providers.

5. Rename the word "Employee" on the booking page to "Room" or "Game" in Settings // General settings // Custom translations.
Quest rooms booking page view v3.png

6. If each room has different price and you plan to accept payments online with our Accept Payments custom feature, create more services in Manage // Services // Add service, set price for those services and relate with rooms by checking correponding boxes in "Service providers" tab.
Attach games to rooms v3.png

7. If morning game prices are different from evening/weekend game prices - add Morning games and Evening/Weekend games services in Manage // Services, and set corresponding price for each service. Then in Manage // Service Providers create 2 providers for each game and set available hours for providers in "Service provider schedule" tab.
Morning and evening games new.png

8. Connect providers to corresponding services
Connect morning games.png

9. On the booking page clients will choose morning/weekend hours, select game - and then will see available slots.
Room evening times new.png

10. If you have fixed schedule, you may need Appointment at fixed time custom feature where you can set specific start times for each of your services.

11. With the help of Intake Forms custom feature you can request additional info from clients such as how many clients will be in a group.