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SMS Gateway custom feature



Use the SMS Gateway custom feature to use your own SMS gateway (Twilio, Nexmo or BulkSMS available only) and use your own phone number as sender number. If you use this feature, you pay the gateway directly saving around 20% to 30% compared to when you buy credits.

IMPORTANT! Setting this up requires some technical knowledge and the team can not help with account creation at the SMS gateway providers.

How to use

1. Enable Sms Gateway Custom feature in Custom features//Other section at one-time activation fee.
Sms gateway enable path.png

2. Create an account with one of available sms gateways: Nexmo, Twilio or BulkSMS if you do not have one yet.
3. Click on “Settings” near “SMS Gateway” custom feature.
Sms gateway settings path.png

4. On the next step please select the sms provider from “SMS Gateway” drop down and add corresponding settings on the right side of the page.

Sms gateway options.png

5. Save settings and it is all done!

Please note! If this custom feature is enabled and set correctly you do not need to purchase sms credits from our side.
You will be able to see sms being sent from the system in Reports//Sms report with 0 as credits amount in this case.

Sms credits are charged from my account:

- SMS Gateway Custom Feature is not enabled
- SMS Gateway processor settings are not added.

Sms are not sent from the system

- SMS Gateway settings are not added correctly.
- There is no sms credits on your balance.