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Services limited to the amount of rooms or items

For those companies that are restricted to amount of rooms or items we recommend to check Limit Bookings Custom Feature.

This Custom Feature allows you to restrict booking quantity which can be booked at the same time. It is useful when your services require additional things like dental chair or room in the studio etc.
When the booking limit is reached the corresponding time interval will look like breaktime at the booking page (and in the admin interface if you haven't set to skip this restrictions for admin).

It is possible to limit booking number at the same time generally for the whole account, and also you can set certain limit for each service separately.

How to use
1. Enable this custom feature on your Custom Features page.
Limit bookings enable path.png

2. Go to its settings if you need to limit number of bookings at a time for the whole system.
Limit bookings settings path.png

3. Indicate the necessary amount in the corresponding box.
Limit bookings system limit v3.png

4. If you need to set the limit for certain service please navigate to Manage//Services(Classes) page, choose More options tab and set the desired number per service/class.
Limit bookings per service v3.png