Custom Features

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;How to use
:1. Enable this option on your Custom Features page.
[[File:Custom css enable pathfree.png | center]]
:2. Click on "Settings" near this feature.
[[File:Custom css settings pathfree.png | center]]
:3. Add the code(s) to adjust the styles to "Booking pages CSS" tab if you wish to edit the booking page<br>
;How to use
:1. Enable this functionalitty on your Custom Features page.
[[File:Html description filed enable pathfree.png | center]]
:2. Go to Manage section using left-side menu and select Services/Providers/Classes/Memberships/Products for sale depending on which item do you wish to add/edit description to. <br>
'''How to use this option:'''
:1. Enable "Import Clients" custom feature on your Custom features page:
[[File:Import clients enable pathfree.png | center]]
:2. Prepare your Excel file.
;How to use
: Just enable it on your Custom features page and you are done!
[[File:Ssl enable pathfree.png | center]]