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Terms and Conditions custom feature


Terms and conditions new icon.png

If you want your business to be bulletproof then this Custom Feature is a MUST. Use it to create and manage terms & conditions for your company towards your clients. The text inserted in the Custom Feature will be displayed on the "Details" page above the "Book Now" button or on sign up step if you are using Client login feature as a checkbox with text "I agree with -your company name- Terms & Conditions" and the clients will need to agree to it to be able to book your services

Free custom feature!

How to use
1. Enable this feature on your Custom Features page.
Terms and conditions enable path free.png

2. Go to its settings to add your Terms and Conditions.
Terms and conditions settings path free.png

3. Add your text. You can use HTML formatting there to adjust the look.
Terms and conditions settings v3 new.png