Tickets custom feature


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Issue tickets for services, classes and events. The tickets can be printed or shown from mobile screen by clients and then be scanned using the admin app, or manually inserted in the Validate tickets section of If you have HTML/CSS knowledge and Premium plan, you can customize the look of your tickets.

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Please note:

  • this feature is not compatible with Accept Deposits;
  • the tickets are attached in PDF format to client confirmation email;
  • if Pay Later is enabled within Accept Payments feature, the client selects it during booking,
the tickets will be sent within the separate email template after admin accepts the payment in Payment transactions report.
It can be edited in Custom features -> Tickets.
Pay later template.png

  • the tickets are limited: every subscription has 300 tickets/month included(140 in trial period) and you can buy more in Plans&Prices -> Additional items.
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How to use
1. Enable this feature on your Custom Features page.
Tickets enable path.png

2. Navigate to Manage using the link near the enabled feature or go to Manage -> Services section.
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3. Select the service you would like to sell the tickets for with a click and go to Tickets tab.

4. Enable tickets issuing and connect the template by clicking on it. Save settings.
(There is one default template, but with Premium plan you can create your own one).
Attach ticket to service.png

5. When the event time comes and you need to validate tickets please go to Custom Features -> Tickets -> Validate ticket.
Validate tickets path.png

6. Look for the ticket by its unique number(can be used on desktop and mobile) or scan the QR code(open that page from mobile device).
Check the booking information if necessary and click on Validate ticket
Validate ticket steps pc.png

Validate ticket mobile manually find.png

7. If you have admin application you can easily scan and check-in tickets there from Dashboard.
Scan ticket path in app.png

8. Ticket codes can be found in the related bookings on Calendar page or in Booking details report.
You can also print tickets from there.
Ticket info in calendar.png
Ticket info in reports.png

9. (optional) If you have Premium plan and know HTML/CSS or have someone who can help with it you can create a custom ticket template in Custom features -> Tickets -> Custom ticket.
Custom ticket look example.png

10. From the client side they can get tickets on the appointment/payment confirmation page when the booking process is completed.
Or they can go to My bookings tab and use the corresponding button there to download ticket PDF and print.
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Tickets client side 2.png