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Accept Payments Custom Feature allows you to accept payments from your clients online. You can set the price for your service/membership/package, etc. and when your clients make a booking/purchase, they will be asked to pay to confirm their purchase. You can accept payments via a variety of payment processors. All the online payments are processed by the payment gateway of your choice and if there is a need to issue a refund to a client it can be done if you have PRO integration or manually from the admin account of your payment processor.

To check gateways available by country please follow this link.

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Please note! Membership, Packages, Service Add-Ons, Products for Sale, Coupons and Gift Cards Custom Features will not work if the Accept Payments Custom Feature is not activated.

How to enable

1. Enable Accept Payments custom feature in Custom Features section.
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2. Once enabled, click on the Settings button.
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3. Adjust your company information in the following form if necessary.
(It will be autocompleted with the company details that you already have in your system).
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4. Click on the Activate button.

Please note! The majority of your payment-related settings and configurations will be managed through, which becomes accessible upon enabling the Accept Payments feature through Payments item in the navigation menu. Please check more information here.

Where to set prices

With you can accept payments for service/class bookings, packages, memberships, gift cards, products and add-ons.
Please check the following points to set prices for the desired items:

1. Services/Classes:

  • Navigate to Manage -> Services/Classes.
  • Click on the specific Service and access Service/Class Details.
  • Scroll down to the Price field to set the price for the service.

2. Packages:

  • Head to Manage -> Packages.
  • Click on the desired Package and access Package Details.
  • Set the price in the Price field for the package.

3. Memberships:

  • Go to Manage -> Memberships.
  • Access Membership Details and locate First Payment to set the initial price.
  • If the Membership is recurring, also set the price in the Recurring Price field. Further details on setting up Memberships can be found here.

4. Service Add-ons:

  • Navigate to Manage -> Service Add-ons.
  • Click on the specific Service Add-on and access Service Add-on Details.
  • Adjust the price in the Add-on Price field.

5. Products for Sale:

  • Go to Manage -> Products for Sale.
  • Click on the desired Product for Sale and access Product Details.
  • Specify the price in the Product Price field.

How to add taxes

1. Add the necessary taxes options in Manage -> Taxes -> +
Choose the default one if necessary - it will be automatically set for each new sale item that you will create in the system.
Creating tax.png

2. Navigate to Manage -> Services and select the tax option per each service.
If you have other items like Classes, Packages, Memberships, Products for sale, Service add-ons, Gift cards and need taxes to be applied there as well please go to the corresponding management page and select from the pre-created taxes for each item.
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3. In Custom features -> Accept payments -> Settings choose whether the tax amount should be added to the price that you have set per service(or other item) or it is already included by using the switcher Prices include tax.
If you enable the switcher it will mean that the amount that you have set per service is already with taxes.
In case you disable the switcher the system will automatically add the selected tax percentage to the items prices
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Payment Timeout

This setting allows to determine the duration within which a payment transaction must be completed before it expires. If not paid within the defined period, the associated transaction and booking/s will be canceled automatically.
The recommended period is at least 1 hour to give clients enough time to complete the payment and for the payment system to send us the confirmation.

Payment timeout setting path.png

How to change currency

You can adjust the currency in the settings of Accept payments custom feature.

Please note!

  • Some payment processors do not support all currencies. Before setting the currency, check if the selected payment processor supports it.
  • There is no option to select multiple company currencies. The currency you choose will be the same for all your offerings.
Select company currency.png

In the Currency settings, you can enable Custom formatting company currency to adjust the following:

  • Currency Symbol: Customize the currency symbol if needed.
  • Decimal Separator: Choose between "," or "." to be displayed in your prices.
  • Digits: In this section, select the number of digits displayed after decimal separator in the amount, ranging from 0 to 3. For example, if the service price is set to $10 and the number of digits in Currency settings is set to 0, the price on the booking website will be $10. If set to 2, the format will be $10.00. If the number of digits is set to 0, it will not be possible to add amounts less than $1 (where $ stands for your company currency in this example).
  • Positioning of the Currency Symbol
  • Add space between the amount and symbol if desired.

What is "Pay later" option

When your clients are transferred to the payment page after Details tab, they usually have several options: your payment processor (one or several) and Pay Later. Pay Later in most cases means that client will pay right on the place when he/she arrives to the appointment. In your Dashboard, when you click on the appointment, such booking in the service price field will have a note "Pay Later". Additionally, you can enable the Auto process payment for Pay Later payment processor to automatically set the Paid status for the service bookings where Pay Later was chosen as the payment method. Note that this option does not apply to memberships, gift cards, or packages.
As well you can activate Skip payment confirmation step option. This is particularly useful for those who only wish to display prices without processing payments online. If enabled, this step will be omitted.
If you want to disable Pay later option please navigate to Payments in the left-side menu (i.e. interface) -> Payment processors and deactivate Pay later option there.

Payment links

(available with Premium subscription (i.e. PRO version)
With this option you can now easily send payment links via emails or sms to your clients to pay onsite or offsite for some order/booking or unpaid remainder amount when deposits were used.

Check more details on how to use it here

Vaulted Payments

(available with Premium subscription (i.e. PRO version)
This option enables clients to securely store their card details as a preferred payment method. With vaulted payments, clients can seamlessly pay for future orders without re-entering their payment information, enhancing convenience and expediting transactions. From the admin side, you will be able to charge the saved payment method of your clients.

Check more details on how it works here


(available with Premium subscription.
It may happen that you need to give the money back to your customer due to some reason and now it is possible to easily manage such cases with Pro integration.

Check more details on how it works here

How to customize the client invoices

It may be necessary to show or hide some data or change the look for the invoices that the system sends to clients after they make a purchase on your booking website.
Using Invoices feature can adjust the following items:

Check more details here here


There are several types of the payment-related notifications that can be sent to you and/or your clients. Within the paid subscriptions you can customize notification templates using provided variables.
The following notifications are available:

  • Payment failed notification (can be sent to client and/or to company);
  • Payment link for Delay payment method (with Pro only);
  • Refund confirmation (with Pro only).

How the whole payments process works

1. A client goes through the booking process and presses Book Now at the end. Or he/she selects some memberships/package/gift card, etc. to buy.

2. He is directed to summary step to choose a payment method. At this stage unconfirmed booking appears in the admin calendar marked red as not paid to reserve this time so that no other person can accidentally book the same slot and there will be no double-bookings. As well an order with the New status appears in Payment transactions report.
Non-paid booking view.png

3. After that, the client has 2 options:
3.1. to pay and the payment processor will send us confirmation that client has paid and we will automatically approve the transaction on our side (booking will be marked with green color and the order with paid status).
Paid booking view.png

3.2. to not finish paying: the client is directed to the payment system, but then he closes the page, closes the browser, or simply leaves it open without any actions for a long period of time. In this case, the system will wait until timeout you set up in the settings of Accept payments custom feature will end and will cancel the non-paid booking/transaction because it was never finished. You can set the emails to be sent to client and/or you to be notified about the timed out bookings.
Same happens if the client paid, but paid later than timeout. In this case, if you receive a notification from PayPal/Stripe/etc. that client paid for the booking/order but as it was too late you can go to Payments -> Transactions or Reports -> Payment transactions within interface and approve this booking manually.
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