Instagram Photo Sharing custom feature

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Enable the Instagram photo sharing feature and show automatically your photos on the booking site to make it more a live and fun for your visitors. Take photos with your Instagram app and show the results on your booking page.

How to use:

1. To enable this custom feature please go to Custom features page and click on “Enable” near “Instagram photo sharing” option.
Insta gallery enable path new cf.png

2. Then please choose “Settings” near this custom feature
Insta gallery settings path new cf.png

3. You will get to the page where you will be able to connect your Instagram account.
Just click on “Authorization”, fill in your Instagram username and password.
Instagram photo sharing settings v3.png
Instagram login.png

4. If you have many posts within your Instagram account you can set how many images to display per page.
Instagram number of images per page.png

You have it set now and your Instagram images will be displayed on separate tab on the booking site.

Instagram on booking page.png

Please note!

- When you add images to your Instagram they will be updated on the booking page within an hour.
If you wish it to happen sooner please click on “Refresh now” on this custom feature “Settings” page.

Instagram refresh option.png

- If Instagram post consists of several images/photos only first one will be displayed on the booking site.