Service Add-Ons custom feature


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You can create add-ons for selected services. These add-ons can be set to influence service duration or not, but the service anyway becomes more expensive.
An example may be a massage, whereas the client could choose to add the luxury oil that costs more during massage.
Use this to your advantage to sell more!

Please note! This custom feature cannot be used without Accept Payments custom feature, that is why this option will be automatically enabled as soon as you enable "Service Add-ons".

Video tutorial available Youtube-Logo.png

How to use:

1. To enable this option please go to your Custom Features page and click on “Enable” near “Service Add-ons” option.
Service add ons enable path newcf2.png

2. Click on “Manage” button that will appear there or go to Manage -> Service Add-ons section and you will get to a page where you will be able to create all necessary items.
Service add ons settings path newcf.png

3. Click on “+” icon to create new add-on, set its name and price.
Please note! It is not possible to create free add-ons, each of them needs to have price added.
Add the desired duration if you need it to influence the overall appointment time.
Upload the image and set description is necessary.
Service add ons with duration create.png

4. To relate the add-on with particular service(s) please use “Connected services” tab and check the boxes with desired services/classes.
Connect service add-on to services.png

5. You can also make add-on to be selected by default on the booking page
Please note! The clients will be able to uncheck this item if they wish to on the booking page.
Selected add-on.png

Here you can see how the add-ons can look like on the booking page:
Please note! We recommend using the following timelines in case you set service add-ons with duration: modern, slots weekly, flexible, flexible weekly or flexible provider.
In this case add-ons step will be shown before time step and the timeslots displayed should suit the items selected in most cases.
Service add ons with duration client side.png

With other timelines such as: daily classes, weekly classes и modern provider this step will be shown after time selection step and
if all the selections do not fit the choices the clients will get an error that the service cannot be booked.
Service add ons with duration client side unsupported timelines.png

Correlation with other custom features:
1- Group Bookings. Number of items is multiplied to number of participants selected.
2- Multiple bookings. Add-ons are selected separately for each booking.

Can I add the items that clients has selected to notification templates?
Sure, just add [attributes] variable to all necessary templates in Settings//Email and SMS settings and the list of products will be included to corresponding notifications

Add add-ons list to emails.png