Adjust your terminology/language


If you need to adjust any texts on your booking page (for example change Employee to Therapist, Coach or Room), you can do it in Settings -> Custom wording & translations.

Custom translation path new navigation.png

There, you can also change the language of your booking page by clicking on the corresponding button on the right side and pressing Save custom translations. If your language is not in the list you can translate the system yourself.

Booking module texts.png
M booking module texts.png

This section also allows you to adjust the language of the whole system. Please select All system translations tab to change all system wording.
Please note! It is not possible to have fully separate languages for admin and client sides as some of the texts are used for both sides. So you may have client side fully translated to one language and have admin side in a different one, but with some words form the client side language.

All system texts.png
M all system texts.png

The system as well allows to download .po file, translate it with PoEditor software, upload the texts and apply to your system.

Translate by po editor.png
M translate by po editor.png

If you need to show the booking site in several languages you can use Google Translate custom feature.