Client Login custom feature


Client login new icon.png

Use this Custom Feature to allow clients to register online, quickly make bookings and see their booking history. You can block and unblock clients from making bookings on your booking page and also turn off or on the ability for clients to register an account. If you close for client registrations, only clients you have registered and granted access can make bookings.

How to use
1. Enable this option on your Custom Features page.
Client login enable path new cf.png

2. Go to settings on the right to:
  • enable/disable sign up on the booking page,
  • ask your clients for their address on the booking page,
  • make phone feld mandatory or not,
  • hide "Personal data report" from client profile
  • set notification templates about creating new user, password reset and change.
Client login settings path new cf.png

To have bookings only from clients that already exist in the system please uncheck the box “Allow clients to sign up on site” If it is checked anyone will be able to sign up and make a booking.

Client login disable sign up new cf.png

To block/unblock some clients from booking please go to Manage//Clients and click on “Block” or “Unblock” buttons there.

Block or unblock clients.png

Please note! If you block the client he/she will not receive information about your promotions as well.

If you have several profiles for one and the same client and need to merge clients please follow these instructions:

1) Go to Manage//Clients, and click on "Merge clients" at the top.

Merge clients path.png

2) Then check the boxes with necessary clients and click on "Merge"
Merging clients.png

Please note! If you have unmerged clients they will not be able to sign in/sign up on your booking site to make and see bookings.