How to enable custom feature


To enable Custom Feature, go to the Custom Feature section in the left-side menu. Find the necessary Custom Feature and press "Enable" button near it or set the switcher to an active position.

For example:

Enable custom feature step 1.png

As the result you will see the success message at the bottom and settings options/links on the right if there are any for the particular feature.

Enable custom feature success.png

There is no "Enable" button near the Custom Feature or it is disabled.

Please check how many Custom Features your subscription allows, maybe you have reached maximum number of enabled Custom Features. Free plan allows using only 1 Custom Feature (unlimited during first 14 trial days only).
You can check your subscription details in Plans&Prices//Subscriptions by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. If you want to have more Custom Features, please upgrade to a larger subscription in Plans&Prices//Subscriptions.