Login and password

From SimplyBook.me

After registration you receive email with your company login information. Password is set by you during the initial setup process. Use these details to log into your account.
You can find your user information and change your password in Manage//Users//click on the user to edit//Change password.
If you forgot your password or company login, please press "Forgot password" link or "Forgot company" link and information will be sent to email connected to the user.

Company login

Is the one you wrote in the url link for your account, this name is all lowercase without spaces. Ex: sbdemo is the company login in url https://sbdemo.simplybook.me/

User name

By default it is set as your email address or, for old users, as admin, but if you changed it, you can check it in Manage//Users//select the necessary user in the box "Login".
If you changed and forgot it and you are admin user please contact support to send the login details to the email address associated with the user.
If you have lower rights and forgot your user name please contact your system admin to provide you with these details.


If you forgot your password you can select "Forgot password" option and reset password link will be sent to email associated with user (can be checked in Manage//Users). Follow the link to set up new password.

If you can't remember any of these details, please contact support and tell anything you remember and they will try to find your system in our databases.

Please note! Free accounts with expired subscription for more than 3 months are automatically deleted and cannot be restored.