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Adjusting notifications


How to enable/disable notifications and adjust your templates

Go to Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings and check/uncheck the corresponding boxes. You can also decide which messages your clients receive, and also change the texts to better suit your needs!

Email and sms settings 1.png

Email and sms enable disable.png

How to disable Feedbacks

Settings // General Settings // Configuration // Number of days until feedback request is sent to client should be set to Disable.


What are variables

Variables are elements that can be inserted in email and sms templates (Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings). These variables will denote the chosen item after the booking is made. For example you have 2 providers: Mary and John. In email template you insert text "You have booked a service with [unit]". If client chose on the booking page provider Mary, he/she will receive the following text "You have booked a service with Mary", if he/she chose John, he/she will receive the text "You have booked a service with John."

iCals and how to use them

In Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings you can check the box "Attach iCal to e-mails" and then emails will contain file of isc format. After clicking on that file, it will open in one of your calendars (Outlook, iCalendar,etc)

Attach ical to emails.png

Clients/Providers do not receive notifications

Possible reasons
1. Corresponding boxes in Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings are not checked.
2. Client's email has a misspelling.
3. Email went to junk (Spam) folder or to Social tab.
4. If sms are not coming, check your sms balance.

Clients/Providers receive wrong notifications

1. Please check if you have Multiple Bookings or Group Bookings plugin enabled. These plugins have their own templates.
Multiple bookings template (Plugins//settings of Multiple bookings plugin)
Multiple bookings template.png
Group bookings template (Plugins//settings of Group bookings plugin)

Group bookings template.png
2. Check if you have Time Zone settings on, in this case client may have selected wrong time zone and received notification in wrong time zone too.