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If you are offering renting services, Simplybook can become a suitable booking software for you.

If you rent items for hours
Make your items as providers. For example if you rent musical instruments, create providers Flute, Bass, Violin, etc.
If you rent for different duration you will need to create multiple services with different duration. For example: Renting 1 hour, Renting 2 hours, Renting 6 hours, etc.

If you rent items for days
1. In Settings // General Settings // Configuration set both "Allow service to extend over breaktime" and "Allow service to extend over closing hours" to "Yes".
Allow service to extend over closing hours.png

2. In Manage // Services // "+" create service with the duration corresponding to the amount of days your service will be offered for (3 days=3 hours, 7 days=7 hours).
Service days booking.png

3. In the Time settings // Company opening hours (when you have only 1 service) or in the working hours of the service (Manage // Services // Service schedule) open only 1 hour each day.
Book days schedule new.png

4. The system will then book the number of hours indicated in service duration as the number of days.
3days booking v3.png