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Wix integration


If you use Wix, and if you want to add the possibility of bookings to your website we have the right solution for you!

Our iFrame widget allows you to connect the Wix website with and let your clients book right from the website both from their PC or from their mobile devices. This solution will make your booking process more convenient and easy.

To do this, please follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Wix App Store.
Wix app market new.png

2. Enter “HTML” in the Search apps field.
New wix html.png

3. Select “HTML iFrame/Embed” plugin.
Html iframe.jpg
New wixt html add.png

4. Switch to “HTML code” mode.
Screenshot from 2017-06-16 15-47-05.png

5. Go to your admin page. Go to Settings → Bookings on Webpage or Facebook → Booking widget for your own website.
Widget code path.png

6. Press “Save Settings and get iFrame code”. Almost done, just few simple steps left!
Create iframe widget.png

7. Copy the code you received.
Iframe widget code.png

8. Insert the code into Wix iFrame plugin and Press “Update”.
New wix add code2.png

Congratulations! Now you have the best booking system on your Wix website!

Wix new widget.png