Add elements to booking page

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Logo and background

You can add your company logo and nice background in Settings // Design // Logo, background and timeline.

Logo settings new.png

Logo and banner.png


You can add pictures to your services, providers, categories and locations in Manage // Services/Providers // Service details or Service provider details tab // Click on the photo box in Service provider image or Service image box and browse the photo.

Add image to provider.png


Need to provide more information regarding your services and/or employees?
You can set this in Manage//Services/Providers//Service details or Service provider details tab// Service description or Service provider description

Add provider description.png

About section

In Settings // Design // Home page // Company description you can add some company description and other important information that you wish to be displayed on your home page.

About us new.png


Need to show your clients some contact details? Please set them in Settings//Company information//Basic information//email, phone, website link

Contacts new.png


Make your booking page more attractive showing the photos of your services with Photo Gallery custom feature. To enable it please go to Custom Features//Adding more to the booking website// Photo Gallery//Enable

Gallery enable2.png


This option allows to add fresh news to your booking website. To activate it please go to Custom Features//Adding more to the booking website// News //Enable

News enable2.png

After it is enabled in Custom Features//News//Settings you can create news and they will be shown on your home page

News new settings.png

Terms and Conditions

Need your business to be bulletproof? You can add your own Terms and Conditions by enabling corresponding custom feature in Custom Features//Business enhancements and adding the text of T&C in its settings.

T&c enable2.png

Cancellation Policy

Need to restrict the period when bookings can be cancelled by clients? Please go to Custom Features//Business enhancements// Cancellation Policy//Enable and set it to your needs.

Cancellation policy enable2.png

Html formatting for description fields

This feature allows to make descriptions more eye-catching with the use of HTML formatting. Please go to Custom Features//Look and Feel// HTML description fields//Enable and edit descriptions for services, providers, locations and categories in corresponding Manage section.

Html enable2.png