Custom interval before service reservation custom feature


This new feature allows users to set custom minimum and maximum time intervals before booking for each service or class. This feature gives the user more control over their booking schedule and allows them to tailor their services to their specific needs.

To use this feature, the user first needs to access "Manage" page for services or classes they offer and go to "Time settings" per selected service/class. Within these settings, they can set the minimum and maximum time intervals required before a booking can be made. For example, if the user sets a minimum time interval of 2 hours, customers cannot book a service or class less than 2 hours in advance. If the user sets a maximum time interval of 5 days, customers cannot book a service or class more than 5 days in advance.

This feature can be particularly useful for businesses that have a high demand for their services or classes, as it can help to manage their bookings more efficiently. By setting a minimum or maximum time interval, the user can ensure that they have enough time to prepare for each booking.