Link removal and custom domain

From simplybook

Link Removal (removal of ( c ) copyright) is available for Standard and Premium users (former Gold and Platinum). The copyright message is removed from footer of booking page, widgets(including our Terms and Conditions) and from emails footer. This makes it less apparent for clients that you are using the system.

What White Label is not:

1. It is not custom domain, your booking page will have in url. If you want to change in url of your booking page, you can enable Custom domain feature in your Custom Features page per 129USD. Then in your Domain controller, you need to find where you set the DNS records. You should set the A record for your website as in instructions displayed in this feature settings. After A-records are set enter domain name you wish to use in this custom feature settings.
2. Emails are sent from, if you need to send emails from your address, you can use SMTP custom feature if you use Gmail or have your own SMTP server.
3. SMS are sent from number (if the system does not accept your default number in Settings//Email and sms settings), if you need to send sms from your number, you can use SMS Gateway custom feature for additional price.
4. Mobile client apps are branded by SimplyBook and cannot be re-branded.
5. Admin page will have branding.