Make me look busy custom feature

Look busy icon.png

This feature will make slots look occupied when clients visit your site while still making availabilites so they will be able to find something to book. You can decide how many slots should be available every day.

Please note!

  • This feature is not compatible with the following calendar layout types: flexible, flexible weekly and flexible provider.
  • If you have enabled to show the booking website in client timezone and it is different from company timezone, it could cause more slots displayed per day than set in this custom feature settings.

How to use
1. Enable this feature on your Custom Features page -> Booking Related section.
Look busy enable path.png

2. Indicate the number of timeslots you would like to show as available on your booking website per day.
It is the number of timeslots to be shown per date per each service + provider pair.
Look busy slots setting2.png

3. Here are some examples of how it may look on the client side.
When some timeslot is booked the system will automatically open the next one depending on the scheduled that you have set in your account.
  • modern calendar layout:
Look busy client side.png

  • slots weekly calendar layout:
Look busy client side slots weekly timeline.png