My subscription and how to renew


Where to check subscription details

There are several places where you can see your subscription details

1. Dashboard, Your current tariff section
Current plan dashboard.png

2. Plans&Prices//Subscriptions under Prices table
Current plan subscriptions page.png

3. On Welcome page, on the right side.
Plan check3.png

How to renew subscription

In Plans&Prices // Subscriptions section choose the package you need and press "Buy" under it.

Buy new subscription.png

There are 3 payment options to pay for your subscription:

Payment options.png

  • Credit Card via Borgun system (no commissions)

  • PayPal available only in USD, if you have no PayPal option,

    change your currency in Plans&Prices // Subscriptions to USD.

    (additional fees of approx 0.30 USD + 9% on top of each transaction apply for Paypal)

  • Wire transfer to account:

IBAN-nr.: IS260515260052305312015230
Beneficiary: Notando Iceland ltd
REMARK: Minimum transfer is $50/50Eur/40GBP

Please note, subscription is valid during 30 days from the date of purchase(or from the date it becomes valid) if you buy the montly option,
and 365 days from the date of purchase if you buy yearly option.

How to change payment method

You may like recurring payments for your subscription as they are very convenient allowing you to simply receive bookings without worries about payment date - everything is done by the system automatically!
You just check the box "auto renew my subscription" while making first subscription purchase.

Recurring subscription setup.png

But it may happen that you need to change either your credit card details or switch between payment options.

Here are few simple steps to take:

1. Go to Plans&Prices//Subscriptions section of your admin interface and scroll it to the bottom.
Subscriptions page.png

2. At the bottom right corner please click on red "Cancel recurring payment" button.
Cancel recurring payment.png

3. And now you can make new payment for desired plan by clicking on "Buy" under corresponding option.
Buy new subscription.png