Related Resources custom feature


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Connect equipment, rooms or anything else that is limited in quantity to a service. Different resources can be connected to the same service when needed.

How to use
1. Enable Related Resources feature on your custom features page.
Resources enable path.png

2. Select Manage option or navigate to Manage -> Related resources using left-side menu
Resources settings path.png

3. Create resources group(s) depending on your needs using + icon there.
You can select between:
  • Same number as clients type - with this group all the resources you attach to a service will be required for each booking. If the number of resources is not enough for a certain timeslot, it will not be displayed on the booking site. This type may be useful when some limited equipment is required to perform the service.
  • Only one type - with this group it is possible to accept multiple bookings per timeslot(it will depend on the number of clients set per provider and/or limit bookings feature settings). It can be used for a room reservation for classes as if, for example, you have one room but two classes so that one class should become unavailable if another one gets a booking. In this case, the clients will continue making bookings for this another class according to the number of spaces you have indicated for it.
Please note! It is recommended to use Appointmet at fixed time feature with this resource type so that the timeslot will always correspond to the reserved room/resource, etc.
Create resource group.png

4. It is important to attach resources to services/classes so that they will influence the booking process. Otherwise, the resources will not add any restrictions and will not be used.
Attach resource to service.png

5. If you got more resources of a certain type you can add items to the particular resource group.
Add one more resource to a group.png

6. In case you have less items in your inventory than it was created initially you can remove unnecessary ones from the group using mass actions.
If certain service was connected to resource that was deleted such service may become unavailable on the booking site.
In this case you need to update its relations towards other resources present in the system.
Remove unnecessary resources.png

7. The clients do not select the resource during the booking process, it is allocated by the system automatically depending on the service and provider selection.
You can view the resource used for the appointment from the admin side in each booking or in exported .xls file from Reports -> Booking details.
View resource info in booking.png