Adjusting notifications

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=How to enable/disable notifications and adjust your templates=
Go to Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings and check/uncheck the corresponding boxes to send/not send notifications. You can change the texts of notifications to better suit your needs by clicking "edit template", making changes and saving system settings.
[[File:Notifications settingspath.png | center]]
[[File:Email and sms enable disableNotifications on-off.png | center]]<br><br>
=How to disable Feedbacks=
You can view all your reviews in the Review tab in left-side menu and , delete reviewsor reply to them. If you wish to remove the option to leave a review and do not send feedback request in Settings // General Settings Email and SMS settings // Configuration Settings for e-mail and SMS notifications // set "Number of days until feedback request is sent to client" to Disable.<br/>[[File:Disable feedbackrequests.png | center]]<br><br>
=What are variables=
Variables are elements that can be inserted in email and sms templates (Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings). These variables will denote the chosen item after the booking is made. For example you have 2 providers: Mary and John. In email template you insert text "You have booked a service with [unitprovider]". If client chose on the booking page provider Mary, they would receive the following text "You have booked a service with Mary", if they chose John, they would receive the text "You have booked a service with John."<br><br>
=iCals and how to use them=
In Settings//General Settings//Email and SMS settings you can check the box "Attach iCal to e-mails" and then emails will contain file of .isc format. After clicking that file, it will open in one of your calendars (OutlookGoogle calendar, iCalendar,etc) [[File:Attach ical to emails.png | center]]
[[File: Enable icals.png | center]]
:'''Please note''', that iCal files do not have set timezone so the time in that file will be displayed according to the IP address settings.
=Clients/Providers do not receive notifications=
:3. Email went to junk (Spam) folder or to Social tab. Please check Whitelisting instructions [[Email_whitelisting_instructions| here]].
:4. [[Custom_Features#SMTP | SMTP]] custom feature is not set correctly. :5. If sms are not coming, check your sms balance.<br><br>
=Clients/Providers receive wrong notifications=
:'''Multiple bookings template''' (Custom Features//Settings of Multiple bookings Custom Feature)
[[File:Multiple bookings templatesettings.png | center]]<br><br>
:'''Group bookings template''' (Custom Features//Settings of Group bookings Custom Feature)
[[File:Group bookings templatesettings.png | center]]<br><br>
:2. Check if you have Time Zone settings on, in this case client may have selected wrong time zone and received notification in wrong time zone too.
[[File:Timezone settingsettings.png | center ]]<br><br>
=Email whitelisting instructions=
So here are a few things that you can do to make sure you get those all important emails from the team here at
[[File:Gmail do this with future emails from| center]]
==Using Yahoo! mail==
[[File:Add contact yahoo form.PNG| center]]
==Using Mac Mail==
:4. Select “'''Move Message'''” and “'''Inbox'''” from the drop down menus and then click '''OK''' to save the rule.
==Using Outlook==