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<span class="qa">[[WordPress plugin|WordPress integration]]</span>
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1. With the help of our [ '''Wordpress plugin''']
[[File:Joomla settings 12.PNG| center]]
[[File:Status active checked 1.PNG | center]]
;Error while setting up the module.
If you got the error "''Seems the method cannot be found on your server. Possible reasons may include: PHP option 'allow_url_fopen' is not enabled, PHP CURL is not enabled. Please ask your hoster for support regarding absence of required methods.''"
[[File:Wix app store.jpg | center]]
:2. Enter “'''HTML'''” in the Search apps field.
[[File:Html plugin.jpg | center]]
:3. Select “'''HTML iFrame/Embed'''” plugin.
[[File:Html iframe.jpg | center]]
:4. Switch to “'''HTML code'''” mode.
[[File:Html mode.jpg | center]]
:5. Go to your [] admin page. Go to '''Settings → Bookings on Webpage or Facebook → Booking widget for your own website'''.
[[File:Bookingwidgetsetting.png | center]]
:6. Press “'''Save Settings and get iFrame code'''”. Almost done, just few simple steps left!
[[File:Widgetsettings.png | center]]
:7. Copy the code you received.
[[File:Widgetcode.png | center]]
:8. Insert the code into Wix iFrame plugin and Press “'''Update'''”. Remark that there is a “width=960” inside the code you paste into the HTML plugin. You may need to adjust the “960” number to some width that suits your website. You could try some numbers in the range from 500 to 960 and see what fits best. You can do these changes directly in the code that you pasted in the HTML plugin.
[[File:Insert code.jpg | center]]
Congratulations! Now you have [ the best booking system] on your Wix website!