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=Facebook Bot=
[[File:Facebook bot logo.png |left]]
Do you wish to add automated booking functionality to your facebook fan page? <br>Now it is possible with brand new Facebook bot custom feature.
:'''How to use?'''
:1. Enable "Facebook Bot" Custom feature on your Custom Features page
[[File:Facebook bot enable.png | center]]
:2. Choose "Settings" near it to see basic instructions.
[[File:Facebook bot settings.png | center]]
:3. Log into the [ Facebook Developer Console].
[[File: Login to facebook developer.png | center]]
:4. Click on My Apps in the upper right-hand corner and choose to "Add a New App"
[[File:Create app in facebook.png | center]]
:5. Enter a name and contact email address and click on "Create App ID".
[[File:App id.png | center]]
:6. On the next page, click the "Set Up" button for the Messenger option.
[[File:Select messenger.png | center]]
:7. Under the Token Generation section, choose one of your Facebook pages.
[[File:Token settings.png | center]]
:8. This will generate a Page Access Token. Enter it in Facebook bot settings.
[[File:Bot settings new.png | center]]
:9. Click the Setup Webhooks button under the Webhooks section and enter Callback URL and Verify token.
[[File:Webhooks.png | center]]
:10. Check the messages and messaging_postbacks options under Subscription Fields.
[[File:Screenshot from 2018-02-01 17-21-16.png | center]]
:11. Click the Verify and Save button.
:12. Scroll to “App Review for Messenger” block, select the first option “pages_messaging” and add the details as on the following image.
[[File:Review settings.png | center]]
:13. After you save settings please go to Settings//Basic, add icon for your app and privacy policy link.
[[File:Basic settings.png | center]]
:14. And you are done! In 5 business days Facebook will approve your application and your clients will be able to book using the chat bot.